3 Lumo Stars Plush Toys

Experience the Magical Lumo Stars Plush Toys Northern Brights Collection

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You might remember I attended my 1st ever blogger conference, BlogOn, in September this year and absolutely loved it! While there I was able to meet loads of different brands and see some amazing new toys. One of those brands was Tactic. Tactic are a board game company that started 50 years ago, and, in that time, they have produced many games such as iKNOW and Alias, and new for 2019, Don’t Upset the Llama! As well as games, they have also designed some gorgeous plush toys called Lumo Stars, and the magical Northern Brights collection are what we were sent!

Cover image for Lumo Stars

Lumo Stars are a new plush toy collection currently, available from Phillips Toys, made up of common animals living in the Nordic countries. The colours and features of the toys are similar to the Northern Lights seen in such countries. I was really interested in this as the Northern Lights are on my bucket list and something, I would love to experience one day!

Each plush toy is unique in colour and design with its fur material picked for its softness and huggability! They most striking features of the animals are definitely their eyes. Big, bright and bold, they are the first thing you see when you look at them. All of the toys have their own name and personality written on their tags so you can get to know your new animal straight away.

Name tags for Lumo Stars

Mia was sent 3 of the Northern Brights collection; Raspberry, Spotty and Lynx. Lynx is a mini so he can be popped onto any keychain. Mia has put him on her school bag ready for when she goes back! Raspberry and Spotty are classic plush toys and there is also a big size of plush available.

Spotty plush toy
Raspberry plush toy
Lynx the plush toy

The main draw for me for these plush toys is the fact that they aren’t just ‘soft toys’, download the free Lumo Stars app and they start to really come to life! Within the app you use the barcode on each toys tag to ‘unlock’ your buddy. You can change the name of the animals, feed them, play with them and look after them. With hungry, tired and boredom indicators, Mia can see what her buddies need to keep them happy in the same way that I played with my Tamagotchi all those years ago (without the risk of them dying though!). The app also contains interesting educational cards about each buddy, and this is something that Mia also really enjoyed reading.

App screenshots for Lumo Stars

Mia absolutely loved the Lumo Stars as soon as she saw them and was really excited to get to know them on the app. She went straight on and scanned her buddies’ barcodes so she could play with them. She loves playing games with them and the app is really easy to use. Lottie loves the plush toys too and I think it’s definitely the big eyes that she likes! I noticed that there are storybooks and activity books for the magical Lumo Stars collection so I would be really interested in getting those for the girls to extend their plush toy play even further!

Mia and the lumo stars plush toys

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