Top view of 2 hands holding paint sticks, ready to paint a hard boiled egg

Easter Crafts Made Easy with Paint Sticks

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Do the words ‘craft’ and ‘paint’ fill you with as much dread as they do me? Does your kitchen table look more like a paint ball zone than a craft afternoon took place? Despair no longer as I have the answer to your prayers in the form of paint sticks!

Featured Image for Paint Sticks

Yes, ok, it’s not quite as dramatic as that but since we had a minor paint explosion on our old houses beige kitchen carpet a few years ago, I have banned the use of paint, glue and play doh in the house! Now Mia has always loved crafting and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t get that from me (I hate it!) so she’s forever moaning that the only place she can make things is at school.

With Easter just around the corner and Mia soon to be on half term from school, she wanted to do some Easter crafts this week and the very thought of it was filling me with dread. However, we were recently sent some Paint Sticks by Little Brian and boy was I impressed!

2 packs of paint sticks

Paint Sticks are a fab product by Little Brian and are exactly as they say; paint within a stick that twists up and down just like a glue stick does. They are water soluble and child friendly, with no mess and a solid vibrant colour. There is absolutely no need for water or brushes, just literally use them like a glue stick or even a big chunky crayon. So, theres no risk of water spillages, ruined pictures or splodges up the wall!

4 Packs of paint sticks from a top down view

The Paint Sticks come in a wide variety of bright colours and there is also a choice of Metallic Paint Sticks and Day Glow Paint Sticks to make your child’s artwork really stand out! They can be used on all sorts of surfaces including paper, card, canvas, wood and even windows! We decided to decorate some hard-boiled eggs with them as it’s nearly Easter!

Painting Hard Boiled Eggs with green paint sticks

Mia was so excited to try them out, so she dived straight in with some Easter pictures first! She loved the different colours available and wasn’t sure which to try first! The Paint Sticks easily glide across the paper and she was able to create some lovely pictures that dried within 60 seconds leaving absolutely no mess whatsoever! This also meant I didn’t have lots of pieces of soggy paper lying around the kitchen for hours waiting for them to dry!

Mia painting a rabbit on paper

The Paint Sticks are so easy and simple to use that Lottie wanted in on the action and had a go herself! They are chunky enough for even Lottie’s little fingers to grasp! She was really excited to be copying her big sister until she realised it was even more fun to put them in her mouth!

Lottie using paint sticks to paint pink and purple splurges on paper
Lottie holding pink and purple paint sticks and a white sheet of paper

Then Mia moved onto her eggs. I thought the Paint Stick colours wouldn’t look great on the surface of the eggs however the paint remained bright and bold even on the darker eggs! Once she had finished, we popped them into a little Easter basket, and they look great! They will be a fab addition to our Easter table on Easter Sunday and they are something that Mia has created herself without any mess (happy Mia = happy Mummy!)

Paint sticks stood up on a table with a hard boiled egg
Top view of 2 hands holding paint sticks, ready to paint a hard boiled egg

I have been really impressed with the Little Brian Paint Sticks and have absolutely no problem with Mia (and Lottie) using them! Mia has since created some more great masterpieces and the fact that they look like they will last a long time is great! The sticks themselves (barrel and lid) are 100% recyclable so I know once they do run out, we can pop them in the recycling bin too. I’m no longer filled with dread when Mia mentions crafting!

yellow basket of paint sticks and eggs surrounded by more paint sticks, easter nests and bunny footprints
Yellow basket full of paint sticks and eggs

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