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Gardening the Modern Way with the Grofresh Kitchen Garden


I’m not naturally green-fingered, we do spend time looking after our garden and outdoor spaces but for me, there are always 101 other things I need to be doing so gardening gets pushed to the back of the queue! Add to that the fact we don’t actually have any real grass (we have artificial!) then there isn’t much chance of us growing anything! We have previously reviewed the Grocycle GroKids Gourmet Mushrooms Kit and today is the turn of a handy gadget perfect for growing plants indoors; the Grofresh Kitchen Garden. So lets see how we can begin gardening the modern way!

Gardening the Modern Way

The Grofresh Kitchen Garden has been designed for anyone to use, whether you’re a pro or a novice, have a garden or don’t have any outdoor space at all! Everyone can grow plants easily, cleanly and in an eco-friendly way! The Grofresh Kitchen Garden allows you to grow plants in the smallest of spaces, without having to worry about watering the plants or feeding them. The indoor garden is fully automated and the only thing you have to do is add water and the machine even reminds you when the water level is getting low. By adding essential nutrients to the water, the Kitchen Garden delivers them to the plants root system throughout the day without you having to do a thing!

Gardening the Modern Way

Gardening the Modern Way

The first thing I thought when I opened the box up was that it looked quite complicated to set up however once I got everything out, it was really quite simple and it’s only the first time set up that takes a little longer. The main thing you need to do is to make sure you have softened and prepared the 3 Celpod Hydrocells and the 3 Biocel Hydrocells.  This just involves immersing them in water and cutting a slit in each one (you can see more in my video below).

Then you just pop some seeds into the slits and off it goes! The only thing I would say is that there are no seeds included to get you started so I had to wait a day and go and get some! The Kitchen Garden lights stay on for 8 hours a day, giving the plants the perfect amount of light. You can choose 3 different watering settings; the default is set at low and I found this perfect.

Gardening the Modern Way

Gardening the Modern Way

I started to see shoots appearing within 3 days and I was really amazed! Since then the flowers have continued to grow and I can’t wait to see them as they grow even bigger! I really like the idea of the Grofresh Kitchen Garden (currently retailing at £59.95). Mia has really enjoyed watching the shoots appear and it’s something that she can get involved in setting up in the future. It is easy to use, has low power consumption and is a great introduction to smart indoor gardens. Ideal for pretty much anywhere, you too can become a successful gardener with the Grofresh Kitchen Garden. This really is gardening the modern Way!

Gardening the Modern Way


Disclaimer: we were sent an indoor kitchen in order to write this however all opinions and views are honest and our own

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