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4 Ways You Can Make Your Home Cosy This Winter

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Winter is fast approaching and the long, cold, dark nights are drawing in. There are ways of staying warm and cosy while out and about but what about when you are at home and feeling a little chilly. Short of putting the heating on there are a few things you can do to make your home warmer. 

Let’s take a look at four things you can do to ensure your home remains warm and cosy this winter season. 

Make Your Home Cosy
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Add A Log Fire

If your home has a fireplace then why not make use of it. It is lovely to chill out on the sofa watching the log burner and feel the heat warming you up. If you want to have a real fire there are a number of things you will need. Firestarters, logs, and something to light the fire with. You can get these from general hardware stores. Make sure you have ordered logs to for the winter well in advance as these sell out really quickly during the colder months. 

If you are unable to have a real fire due to safety concerns, or you don’t have a fireplace and chimney then you can get fake ones that still emit heat to keep you warm. These look beautiful when they are on and the flames make it seem so realistic. Make sure you get a decent one and check reviews before buying. 

Throws & Cushions

To make a real cosy living room or bedroom invest in some top-quality throws and cushions. On cold winter nights, there is nothing better than sitting on the sofa chilling under a lovely warm thick blanket. You could even go one step further and get ones to match either the colour of the sofa or the other deco in the room. Lazing around on cushions under a throw is the ultimate way to spend the winter months. Avoiding the big wide world that is cold is miserable. 

Heated Blankets

Heated blankets are a must if you have a particularly cold house or even if you just want to climb into a warm bed in the evenings. They make it seem like you are diving into a lovely big hug and will make your bed even more inviting. They come in all different sizes so you will be able to get one even if you have a super king bed. On the heated blanket, there will be a switch with a heat setting, if you don’t want it too hot be sure to keep it on a low setting. 

You have to be careful with heated blankets as they can aggravate existing health complaints. However, they can also improve problems such as poor circulation and muscle cramps. 


In the winter there is nothing better than a furry rug laying on your floor. If you have hardwood flooring this is great for the summer as it stays cool and you can sit on it or lay on it. However, in the winter this gets exceedingly cold and lets off that cold into the surrounding air. If you get a large enough rug this will stop the cold from escaping and help keep the room a little bit warmer. Try and get a rug that matches the colour of the room or sofa, that way it won’t stand out too much.

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