Getting Fitter with Adam Newman’s Lean Ladies Fitness Programme

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We all know I like a good fitness programme, I have tried out so many now on my blog however my most recent programme has to have been one of my favourites! Whether it suited my lifestyle better, fitted in with real life or I’m just becoming more used to working out regularly, I have really enjoyed the last 6 weeks following Adam Newman’s Lean Ladies Fitness Programme!

The Lean Ladies Fitness Programme is a 6 week set of daily workouts designed for beginners to work out each day from the comfort of their own home whilst achieving their goals of getting fitter, toning up, or losing weight.

Adam Newman has been a personal trainer for the last 19 years and has developed a set of Fitness Programmes for people like me to follow online. He offers a personal training service that creates tailored programmes for those of us needing direction and motivation, with 8 week meal planners, 3 day cleanses, and a fat burning recipe book and a fat demolisher book sent straight to your inbox, there is something for everyone to follow and learn from!

As well as weekly motivational emails, there is a specially designed App with all of the workouts on and a private Facebook group to join where you can chat to other people following the same programme as you, get motivation for yourself or give others a boost, ask for some advice and also get all of the workouts for you to follow each day.

Lean Ladies Fitness

The main idea behind the Lean Ladies Fitness Programme is the daily workouts and the fact that you can work out in the comfort of your own home. You start off with a fitness test initially to see at what starting point you are and then each day Adam posts a new workout for you to follow and complete.

Each daily workout is around 15-20 minutes long so they are really easy to fit into the busiest of days and on a weekend you get a yoga-type session to enjoy some stretching or catch up on any workouts if you need to. There are variations to each exercise so you can build up to the harder ones at your own pace and in your own time but if I’m honest the only exercise I varied were burpees as I have a personal hatred for them anyway!

There is no equipment needed for the Lean Ladies work outs which make them even easier to just get up and get on with them. The motivational emails sent through are really useful so if you are struggling for whatever reason, you get a good ‘pick me up’ talk and Adam himself is on hand to help you out if you have any concerns or issues at any time either in the Facebook group or by email.

Lean Ladies Fitness

I really enjoyed taking part in the Lean Ladies Fitness Programme and would really recommend signing yourself up if you want short, sharp daily workouts that are easy to fit into anyone’s lifestyle. I enjoyed completing the workouts and it gives you a great sense of achievement when you can post in the Facebook group that you have worked out for that day!

The workouts follow similar formats so you can keep up without having to watch Adam complete them first and you can get to know the routines. They were just the right length for me as I find anything over 15 minutes I psychologically think I don’t have time to do each day! I struggled to keep up around 3 weeks in as we had a bank holiday which meant I missed 5 sessions due to being so busy with different things however I did catch up by the end and being part of the Facebook group helped as there were a lot of us who missed a few sessions and were able to keep each other motivated to keep going and not just give up! I think I would personally prefer working out for maybe 5 days out of 7 and having 2 days ‘off’ as such as catch up days but that’s my personal preference.

Since I started Adam Newman’s Lean Ladies Fitness Programme 6 weeks ago, I feel far fitter than I did before which was my main aim, I have dropped a few lbs but it wasn’t about that for me (some ladies have lost a lot of weight following this programme!) and I have also toned up which is a great achievement for me! £1 gives you access to everything for a month and then it is £12 a month going forward, I think this is really great value as it’s just like having your own personal trainer in your own home and you work out every day, however you can cancel at any time.

There are follow on programmes for when you have finished the 6 weeks so I’m moving onto the 2 week Beach Body Shape Up programme next which I’m really looking forward to starting!

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