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My weight-loss journey started around February this year (2015) when I had just had enough of feeling rubbish and unconfident in myself and how I looked. At 5ft 7 I weighed 14 stone and wore a size 16 for comfort but squeezed (just) into a size 14 when I needed to!! I had my daughter just over 2 years ago and whilst I didn’t put any weight on during pregnancy, I seem to have put on around a stone by the time she was 1, I think due to me being so good during pregnancy, I just gave up after giving birth! So I have decided to write a weekly weight loss post…Anyway, I quickly worked out that one of my biggest problems was portion sizes in that one of my portions was around 2-3 peoples on an average evening, I was shocked when I realised. I decided to use MyFitnessPal to track my calories and was again shocked to discover just how many calories were in my staple weekly foods. My partner bought a FitBit which I ended up ‘borrowing’ and so I started to aim for 7000 steps a day and try to keep to 2000 calorie intake a day.

Fast forwarding to this week, I’m now 10lbs lighter than when I started, with little to no effort. Running around after a toddler, cutting my portion sizes down and realising I don’t need a share bag of Revels all to myself has essentially meant that I have lost weight. More importantly (for me) I have dropped a dress size and feel far more confident in my clothes than I have since I was around 20yrs old (I’m 29 this year!). I do slip off the bandwagon occasionally, however I know that I just have to work a bit harder the next week. There’s no way I’m stopping now!!! 🙂

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Diet: Eat Less and Move More!

Weight lost this week: 1lb

Weight loss total: 10lbs


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    Well done, 10lbs is a great loss and by just cutting down and moving more you should be proud I have put on weight after both of my pregnancies I blame c-sections and sleepless nights and breastfeeding making me hungry! But well done 🙂 #weighloseorstay

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