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4 Practical Ways for Busy Moms to Get More Exercise

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Ways for Busy Moms to Get More Exercise
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When you have babies, they take up all your time, leaving you with little or no time to get some exercise and rest. However, there are ways around this.

If you’re a mom that’s looking to get back in shape or just want to start working out to feel much better or in control of your body, the tips we’ll share with you in this article should help you get at least 15 minutes of exercise every day. Do this 3-5 times a week and you’ll be in good shape before long. 

Workout at Work

If you’re working at the office, this is the best place to get some workouts in during working hours. If you have staircases, just do a brisk walk up and down the staircases for that stretch of time. 

It’s a super-effective way to get some cardio, burn some fat, and tone your thigh and hip muscles at the same time. If you can close your door, do that and just do some squats, push-ups or sprints in one spot. 

If you want to do the sprints, make sure that you won’t be disturbing people downstairs if you’re upstairs. And if possible, park your car 20-30 minutes away from the office and walk to and from the car to the office every day. 

Turn Your Kids into Your Workout Partners

By this, we mean train with the kids. For instance, once the kids fall asleep, you can actually take a long walk with them. Just push the kids around in buggies when you’re walking or jogging, and that should be fine. 

In fact, these activities tend to lull the babies or kids to sleep faster. And if your kids are toddlers now, you can simply conscript them into your workout routines. For instance, when you’re doing push-ups have them sit or climb on your back. The same thing for squats.

Have them sit on your shoulders and use them to add extra weight to your reps. Another excellent tip is to play your favourite songs that the kids like and dance to them along with the kids. 

Find Other Moms Interested in Exercising

You can easily find women in parks who exercise with their children in strollers there. Or look in your neighbourhood apps and post a message where you state you’re seeking moms who want to exercise but need workout or accountability partners. 

You’ll most likely, find a few people who would like to do the same. Get in touch with them and do your workouts together. Not only does this help with your socialising but you can find some really lovely local walks in the UK.

Wake Up Really Early 

Preferably while the kids are asleep and get your workouts out of the way. A simple 20-30 minute moderate pace jog on the treadmill or outside the home will work effectively. 

And if you’re not comfortable running outside and don’t have a treadmill, you can take up an indoor exercise like yoga. You can do this early in the morning before the kids are awake. A 30-minute session of yoga will always make you feel really great afterward.

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