Gymcube Online Workout Progress

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I was offered the opportunity to try out Gymcube, an online service which allows you to access 27 exercise programmes and over 200 workouts from the comfort of your own home. I have already written an introduction review and so I wanted to update you all on my Gymcube Online Workout Progress and give you some more information about what you can find there.

Once you log in you find your own personalised dashboard where you can jump straight into your workout programme, choose a new workout or take a look at your progress so far this week. The dashboard is really clear and straight forward, you know exactly where all the information you need is and there is even a section of recommended workouts for you to try. Once you are signed up, there are regular introduction emails to welcome you and make sure you get the most from your subscription as well as emails to see how your progressing along which is a nice personal touch and keeps you focused.

Gymcube Online Workout Progress

I will come back to the exercises themselves later as Gymcube are not all about the workouts, there is so much more to the website. I will instead start with the vast amount of nutritional information available for you. There are 15 sections within the Nutrition section where you read through an information pdf and do a quick test which covers everything from hydration and sleep, to calorie counting and protein. These are really helpful as they cover really important questions you may have about specific areas and allow you to work through each section unlocking the next. I found that in the first 3 test sections some of the answers were wrong even though I checked them numerous times; however this seemed to work itself out from section 4 onwards so wasn’t a huge issue.

There are loads of recipes on the website that mean you can see what kinds of thing you should be eating and also (importantly for me) portion sizes! Each recipe is easy to follow and you can even download the cooking instructions for use later on. There is a section for ‘menu of the day’ so you can see what you should be eating for a healthy, balanced day. Ben Coomber, a performance nutritionist, has recorded great short videos in which he explains how and why you should be eating well as a support for working out. There is even a great section on supplements which I found interesting as I had never considered using them before. The information available takes a while to get through as there is so much of it however they are done in small chunks, all designed to be dipped in and out of and I found them really useful.

Gymcube Online Workout Progress Nutrition

Next there is the coaching section where you can choose what you want to get out of your membership; dietary advice, weight loss, fat loss and toning, or fitness training. You can fill in your details and get personalised, tailored advice in order to meet your goals. The whole idea of Gymcube is that everything is personalised in order to feel like you have your own ‘at-home’ personal trainer with the benefit of being able to work out as and when you want to without having to go to the gym or a gym class.

Gymcube Online Workout Progress

Finally, the workouts themselves! As there is such a vast amount of workouts available, Gymcube have an effective search of all of their workouts. You can search them by; duration, calories burnt, type, difficulty, equipment needed, or even by trainer. This is really helpful when you know what kind of exercise you need to do and what equipment you have. No one likes getting half way through a workout and realising you need something you haven’t got!

Gymcube Online Workout Progress

Once you have chosen your workout or programme, you are taken to the information page. Here you can see the stats for the workout/programme, body parts that are focused on, information about the trainer, and if it’s a programme of workouts, you can see the workout schedule. As soon as you are ready, you can start the workout video and off you go! I found no issues with the video playback, the picture and sound quality are great and I just use my laptop. You can use any device to playback and even plug straight into your tv if you have the equipment. I found using my laptop easiest as its available for me to use whenever I want and the screen is big enough for me to view the workouts easily.

The workouts themselves are really easy to follow, the trainers explain everything beforehand and make sure you know any variations of a specific exercise you can do so you can keep up. The workouts don’t move on too fast but you are pushed enough to get a good workout and feel like you have worked the muscles being focused on. I chose the ‘little Black Dress Programme’ as I know I like routine and schedules so I could follow the programme day by day really easily.

The workouts get harder as the programme progresses which is great as you can really see and feel your fitness level improving as you work through the programme. Each workout starts with a warm up and ends with a cool down and you can finish the workout at any point. What I think is really great is that if you have to finish a workout early for whatever reason, it still shows how many calories you have burnt up to that point and as a parent, I often have to stop working out as Mia ‘desperately needs’ something half way through! I really enjoyed the workouts I did, I thought they were relaxed, easy to follow, and I felt like I had actually done a workout at the end!

Gymcube Online Workout Progress

Once you have finished a workout, it’s logged in your dashboard as a record of your workouts. Your stats are shown really clearly so you can see; previous workouts done, time spent working out, calories burnt, and even input workouts done elsewhere. You can save workout programmes so you know where you are in the programme and start where you left off. Once you start logging workouts, recommended workouts pop up in your dashboard which is handy when you want to try something different or your workouts have been specific to one target area.

There are a few membership options available for someone wanting to sign up to Gymcube. The silver membership is £3.95 a month and the gold membership is £17.95 a month but you can save more by paying £147 annually. This option is good if you have that amount of cash to pay out in one go, if not the silver membership is really worth it! Once you are signed up, you are also sent a Reebok Starter Pack containing various products such as a yoga mat and towel (I wasn’t sent this as part of my review so I cannot review these). For the amount of information available and the amount of help and advice at the click of a button, I think the cost is well worth it (you can, of course, cancel at any time).

I have really enjoyed working out with Gymcube and it’s definitely an exercise platform I will be using in the future as I found it the best way for me to workout whenever I want to, in whatever way I want to. Over the past 6 weeks of using Gymcube 3 times a week alongside eating a healthy, balanced diet, I have consistently lost 1lb a week which is perfect for me! Just login, click the workout you want to do and that’s it….off you go!


  • Honest Mum

    Loved reading this as I’m considering a similar programme. Looks worthwhile money-wise. Thanks for linking up!

  • Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas

    Thanks for joining in again lovely, and can only agree with Juliet and you that both fitness and nutrition are important. xxx #FitnessTuesday

  • Juliet McGrattan

    Wow, this looks very comprehensive. I like that the fitness stuff goes hand in hand with nutrition because they’re both so important. Thanks for the review #FitnessTuesday

    • mummydaddymia

      Yes its really good to get both fitness and nutrition together so you can ‘tackle’ them both at the same time! 🙂

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