Forever Living Skincare Products Review

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I don’t know about you but I love my tried and tested beauty and skin care brands and once I have found one that I really like and works for me, I rarely seek out a replacement. This means I probably use either Simple (pale and sensitive skin!!) or Boots No7 as my Mum and Nan have always used it and they look far younger than they actually are! #goodgenes However, sometimes our skin care routines need a bit of a de-clutter and a shake-up so when a friend of mine approached me to try out some of the products by Forever Living she has recently started selling, I was really interested in giving them a go!

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Forever Living is a huge USA based company. Started in 1978, they specialise in beauty and skin care products made primarily from Aloe Vera. Using their own plantations, they can insure that their Aloe Vera is of the highest quality without the need for herbicides or pesticides. Forever Living has millions of ‘Independent Forever Living Business Owners’ all over the world who promote and sell their products directly. Before looking into the products, I only knew that Aloe Vera is great to rub on skin as a gel however there is so much more to Aloe Vera than that! Aloe Vera is a plant that has a pure inner gel that has been used for centuries on the skin to aid and improve beauty and wellbeing. It’s so versatile that not only can it be put directly onto the skin but drunk too! As well as skin care products, Forever Living also does health and fitness products. Probably most well-known is their C9 cleansing plan, so I was excited to be able to some of those out too.

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I was lucky enough to get to try out a nice chunk of their vast product collection so I’m going to start with some of my favourites and work my way through them in no particular order….

Forever Living Skin Care Products:

aloe lipsAloe Lips £2.99 – rich and moisturising lip balm. Smells absolutely lovely and feels really soft when applied. My lips still felt moisturised after an hour so I have been using it numerous times a day as it’s perfect for the cold weather and great to protect your lips in hot weather (when we get it!) too.



toothgelForever Bright Toothgel £5.98 – with a non-fluoride formula, natural mint flavour, and suitable for all the family, this toothgel leaves your mouth refreshed and clean. I wasn’t keen on the taste at first as it is quite strong mint flavoured and I’m not keen on mint however it did make my mouth feel fresh for a long while after so I think I would get used to it.



hand sanitizerHand Sanitizer £3.53 – kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria as well as softening and moisturising hands during use. This is something I use a lot but find them really drying. It has a strong scent initially which didn’t last long. My hands felt really clean and not dry at all like others have left my skin. I would definitely use this on a daily basis.



nectarAloe Berry Nectar £21.62 – Apple and Cranberry Juice Drinking Gel. The idea is that you drink 60-120ml once a day on an empty stomach. It wasn’t for me as it was really sweet and had bits in it but I can see why people would want to add this into their daily routine for an extra boost.



gellyAloe Vera Gelly £12.73 – soothes and calms irritated skin. Probably the most well-known form of Aloe Vera is this gel. It has a really nice scent and so many different uses. You only need a small amount but it’s great for things like burns, scalds, rashes, stings, and cuts. I would definitely keep a small pot in my handbag for every eventuality.



shampoo and conditionerAloe-Jojoba Shampoo £14.71 – Replenishes your hairs natural moisture. I found this quite thick and due to the Aloe Vera extract, it smelt quite clinical but it lathered well and left my hair feeling really moisturised.

Aloe-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse £14.71 – nourishes, protects and strengthens hair. Teamed with the shampoo, I really liked this conditioner as it left my hair feeling really soft and looked really hydrated even the following day.

lotionAloe Lotion £12.73 – Helps condition the face and body, leaving the skin smooth and supple. Great as an after-sun lotion to soothe dry and irritated skin. It absorbed into the skin really quickly after application. I dislike moisturisers on my skin as a rule but I was more than happy to pop this on after a shower! It also has a really subtle scent which I like as I don’t like highly perfumed things.



moisturising lotionAloe Moisturizing Lotion £12.73 – a moisturiser for face, hands and body that leaves skin soft and supple. This is a nice and thick lotion that easily absorbs into the skin which left my skin feeling soft, hydrated and firm.



propolis cremeAloe Propolis Creme £15.56 – an everyday moisturiser for irritated skin, it moisturisers and conditions. This creme smells good but not strong and is great for everyday use. I used it (on recommendation) as a hand lotion and it was lovely as my hands are always really dry.



heat lotionAloe Heat Lotion £12.73 – great for use before exercise to warm up the muscles or to soothe them after a workout, this lotion is a rich emollient which works as a deep-heat. I hurt my shoulder during a workout last week so it was great to try this out on it. My shoulder still felt warm over 30 minutes after application and soothed my aching muscles really nicely. It meant I woke up the next day with no aching muscles. I would definitely use this again on aches and pains.


scrubAloe Scrub £13.44 – removes dead skin cells which clog up pores and cause skin to look dull. Gentle enough to use every day, it left my skin feeling fresh, soft and didn’t dry my sensitive skin out. It’s also a lovely blue colour!



marine maskMarine Mask £19.09 – deeply cleanses and replenishes skin, while moisturising and conditioning. I love face masks but rarely get the time to stick one on! This was great as I could pop it on and leave it work for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off again. It left my skin feeling lovely. It went on nicely and rinsed off easily without getting the patches you sometimes get when taking off a face mask.

Forever Living Relaxation Products:

shower gelRelaxation Shower Gel £18.85 – soothing and moisturising, this shower gel leaves your skin feeling fresh and invigorated. My skin felt soft and hydrated after use and I loved the lavender scent! I think this was my favourite product!



moisturiserRelaxation Massage Lotion £21.38 – soothes and conditions your skin after a bath or shower. When applied to the skin it’s absorbed really quickly and easily. I really liked the moisturiser and would definitely use it daily after a shower. 



bath saltsRelaxation Bath Salts £22.80 – pour 2 tablespoons into a bath of running water. As someone who never actually gets round to relaxing in a bath, it was nice to try this out! The salt dissolves quickly into the water and fills the room with a lovely scent. Really relaxing and created lovely bubbles too!



bath geleeAloe Bath Gelee £14.47 – a refreshing bath and shower gel which moisturisers and leaves skin feeling soft. It had a strong smell at first when the bottle was opened however once on the skin, it smells really nice. It left my skin feeling really soft.



Forever Living Health & Fitness Products:

health and fitnessForever ProX2 Chocolate and Cinnamon £3.54 – These snack bars can be consumed between meals to help control appetite and cravings as well as a great source of protein before or after workouts. These bars are a great energy boost however they do have a strange after taste, I presume due to the amounts of protein in them. I would still grab these on the go after a workout as they are in really handy packs!

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I was impressed with the quality of all of these products and there are some I would definitely use again. 

 Blog Post SignatureDisclaimer: I received all of the above products to test for a week and I was able to keep the lip balm and (obviously) the snack bars in exchange for this review however all opinions and views are my own.

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