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Recently I have been trying to step up my weekly exercise, regular readers of mine will know that I’m on a bit of a fitness drive at the moment and I’m busy testing out some of the best diets, wearable tech and weight loss plans. I put myself forward to try out a monthly subscription to Gymcube and they kindly allowed me a 6 month subscription to really get to grips with their service.

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Gymcube is an online service with over 27 exercise programmes and over 200 workouts videos for you to do in the comfort of your own home, for people like me, who don’t have the time or opportunity to go out to the gym or fitness class. As well as the huge range of exercise programmes and workout videos available, Gymcube also has a great nutritional information section (Foodcube) so that you can really create an all-round, healthy, balanced lifestyle.

I started off by setting up my profile where you need to input basic things like; your primary goal, level of fitness, and the equipment you have available to you at home. Once this is done, you have unlimited access to your programmes and workouts. You are also assigned your own trainer based on your workout goal and they contact you by email regularly to see how you are getting on.

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Gymcube has teamed up with Reebok Master Trainers so you can be assured that each workout is delivered by highly qualified trainers. The first exercise programme that caught my eye was the Little Black Dress as I love workouts that I can work through a specific plan (this is a 6 week one) and that involves the whole body. On the workout page itself, you are given all of the information you need regarding what parts of the body the workout is for, equipment you need, and the difficulty level you can expect. I have really enjoyed the workout videos themselves.

The trainers are really clear in their instructions, give you time to quickly practice the moves, and make it really clear when the exercises are starting and finishing. I really like the informal, relaxed atmosphere that the trainers create as well as making your body work!

gymcube workout

gymcube workout

Once you have completed your workout video, your results are recorded on your personal dashboard showing you your progress for the week, approximate calories burned, and time spent working out. You can also input your own workouts that have been done elsewhere so it’s really handy to track it all in the one place. You can also workout in your own time and at your own pace which is great for me as I don’t have a set time or day of the week that I can get a workout in. It needs to be available as and when I need it which is where Gymcube is great!

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There is also a great nutritional information section (Foodcube) where you can get lots of help and advice in order to get a balanced, healthy diet. With personalised eating plans, cookery videos and healthy recipes, there is more than enough information available to support your new workout regime.

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For a £47 one of purchase, you get lifetime unlimited access to 27 exercise programmes and over 200 workout videos. For the amount of information available and the amount of help and advice at the click of a button, I think the cost is well worth it (you can, of course, cancel at any time). I have really enjoyed the Gymcube workouts I have done so far and I’m looking forward to working out some more and seeing what the rest of the website has to offer!

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I will be posting another review in the next month to let you know how I get on!


  • Petra

    I haven’t heard of Gymcube before but it sounds pretty good. You basically have everything that you need in order to be healthier and hopefully lose weight. Having a programme and a trainer is definitely something that would keep me motivated.

    • mummydaddymia

      Aww thanks! Yes I completely agree as it so tricky to get out the gym or whatever and gymcube make it that much easier! 🙂

  • Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    What a great idea. I would struggle with trying to get to the gym but something like this to help me workout at home and keep track of my progress sounds perfect. #TriedTested

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