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How a Messy Clutch Bag Saved my Bacon!

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‘Stylish products made for mess’

I’m always on the lookout for products that solve genuine everyday problems that I face with a toddler and I’m also interested in locally produced, British manufactured products. Messy Me ticks all of those boxes! Messy Me is a family owned business that manufactures and produces all of its products here in the UK. Messy Me provides brilliantly created everyday products, designed to make life that little bit easier at the messiest of moments!

Messy Me products are all designed with a wipe clean, functional oilcloth material and they include high chair cushions and covers, bibs, aprons, splash mats, clutch bags and oil cloths. All products are bright, colourful and eye-catching with lots of different designs to choose from. The main aim of the company was to produce products that do a job but also look good while doing it! The Messy products range in price from £4.50 – £29.99 so offer really great value for money. The full range of products can be found at Messy Me Website.


I was fortunate to be sent a lovely navy blue spotty clutch bag. I don’t carry a changing bag around that much anymore as Lottie is a bit older now so my handbag has to hold all of my things and also all of Mia and Lottie’s bits that they need. Basically I end up routing around the bottom of my handbag to find a nappy bag or Lottie’s dummy holder which not only frustrates me but the girls aren’t patient at all when they want something! I had been looking for a solution to this problem for a little while when I happened upon the Messy-Me company on Facebook.

The Messy Clutch bag is designed to hold nappy bags, wipes, a couple of nappy’s and also the mini mat which comes with the bag, in order for you to easily find and get hold of what you need when you need it. The clutch bags are also designed to fit not only in your handbag but also under your buggy so they can be taken everywhere you will possibly need them.

messy me bag

The clutch bag itself arrived wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with Messy-Me’s personalised sticker which is a really nice touch, I don’t know about you but I love receiving products that are wrapped in this way as they look and feel like a real quality product. The clutch bag is a lovely bright navy blue with big white spots on. It’s one of my favourite designs as it’s so simple yet striking.

I immediately filled the clutch bag with the essentials; some nappy bags, 2 pull-ups, a new packet of wipes, the mini mat that comes with the bag, and Lottie’s dummy clip. In fact I could have fit a few more bits inside, it’s a brilliant size. The bag has a Velcro strip to close it so you can open it quickly and easily if needed.

messy me bag

At 19cm x 30cm, the clutch bag fits really neatly into my handbag, I do carry a larger handbag than I used to pre-children but I would say it’s an average size for any women so I’m confident the clutch bag would fit in most handbags. The clutch bag itself is made from a really handy wipe clean oilcloth material so if there are any spillages or issues then they can be easily wiped up and won’t ruin the bag.

The mini mat that comes with the clutch bag matches in colour and is made from the same wipe clean oilcloth material. It is a good size and although it is small it is perfect for emergency situations! However, I will definitely use it when I’m out! The clutch bag and mini mat currently retails at £18.50 and free delivery is available on all orders so I definitely think it’s worth the money.

Handbag sized

We have now been using the clutch bag for over 6 years and it’s still going strong! It’s been an absolute lifesaver so if like me you’re always losing nappy bags at the bottom of your handbag or trying to change your toddler in a supermarket toilet, this is the bag for you! A really great product that has solved a problem I encounter on a weekly basis. I’m looking at getting a Messy Splash Mat next to save our kitchen floor!

Would you try out a Messy Clutch Bag?


  • Jenny (Accidental Hipster Mum)

    This looks fantastic! I didn’t even know such things existed! I just tend to throw everything in my handbag and the nappies get forgotten if they’re not used. Such a fab idea and such a gorgeous design!

    Thank you for joining in with #RVHT

  • Mummy and Monkeys

    Ooh love these and the pattern you chose too. I’m always rummaging around for nappy change items. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix
    Eilidh x

  • Sarah@teammomlife

    That’s a great idea to have a separate bag in your purse for kid things! I’ve been found frequently rooting for diapers in my big personal bag as I hate taking two bags anymore. I love the look of the clutch. #PicknMix

    • mummydaddymia

      Oh it saves so much time! I was exactly the same, trying to find bits and bobs of Mia’s in the bottom of my handbag and now I know everything is in the one clutch bag 🙂

  • OddHogg

    Looks fab – ideal for the stage you’re at now. Unfortunately we’re only at 5 months old so ditching the change bag is a long way off! #picknmix

  • A Moment with Franca

    I like it as it has the perfect size to put just the essentials! Sienna is now 20 months and she needs less things for sure so this clutch bag could be a good solution. I will check them out! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS!! Hope to see you again tomorrow!! 🙂 x

  • Becky @ Educating Roversi

    Looks great! Like a Cath Kidston design which I love! #KCACOLS

  • Jess Powell (Babi a Fi)

    This looks great – I love that it’s just wipe clean. The packaging looks fab too, it really does make things seem that little bit extra special, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday x

  • Cheryl @ ReimerandRuby

    What a lovely idea! I’m the same, my kids are now that age where I don’t need to bring changing bags apart from wipes… but this one is so handy where you can keep all the kid’s stuff separate and not mixed up with the rest of my stuff. I would love one of this too! Great Review! #KCACOLS

    • mummydaddymia

      Yes its really handy to keep everything separate so I have my own handbag and don’t feel like I just have kids things with me all the time! 🙂

  • Fran Back With A Bump

    This is lovely and perfect for on the go! Thanks ms for sharing #kcacols

  • Kay Brown

    I’m currently trying to decide whether a unisex changing bag is necessary and the clutch makes me wonder even more if it’s necessary! Both me and my partner use backpacks day to day anyway so it’s a conundrum trying to figure out if a changing bag is really worth the expense…

    • mummydaddymia

      Oh i know, its tricky isn’t?! I found the best changing bags in terms of room and pockets, etc were so expensive. I think we would still use a changing bag with a baby but the clutch bag is perfect when you just need a few bits and bobs to throw in your handbag!:)

  • Mrs H

    This sounds like a fabulous product. I love bags like this that you can use to keep all your toddler’s bits and pieces in. And oil cloth is always so practical as it is easy to wipe clean. Plus that design is super cute. Thanks for linking up to Sunday Stars. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  • Kate

    What a great idea, especially for older toddlers. Would be ideal to grab for a quick trip out too when you didn’t need to take the whole changing bag. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  • Suz

    Aww wow i love this! the pattern is super cute! Great read and a fantastic review! Suz x Beauisblue.com

  • Colette B

    I LOVE navy so this was a winner for me from the start. It looks like a fab product.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  • Leanne Cornelius

    This looks great and very handy!
    We have the splash mat from the same company in a beautiful floral design, it is great and comes in handy.
    So far we’ve used it to put under Aria’s highchair when eating messy food, to put under her when we were feeding her in our holiday cottage (they had cream carpet!!) and for my niece and nephew to do their crafting on.
    So far everything has just wiped off it with a baby wipe! I really recommend that you get one.


    • mummydaddymia

      Oh brilliant! I have my eye on the mat as Mia makes so much mess now shes into art and crafts! Will definitely be purchasing after Christmas. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Morgan Prince

    These sound like great products. When LP and BP were babies I had to put up with a giant black (non-stylish) bag. There weren’t these fabulous products out there then! 🙂 Great review. 🙂

    • mummydaddymia

      Ahh I know, I must say when I had Mia we didn’t use a proper changing bag, just a large handbag but this clutch bag has been perfect to pop in my handbag! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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