Book-O-Beards / Book-O-Masks Review


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I was recently asked to review some children’s books and as Mia is obsessed with books (we have hundreds!!) I jumped at the chance to road test some of the newest out there.

When I first received the Book-O-Beards and Book-O-Masks books (part of the Wearable Books collection available at Curious Fox) I was a bit sceptical about just how good they would be. I had seen them on the Curious Fox website and thought they looked good fun but wasn’t sure if Mia would particularly enjoy them. How wrong was I?!


As soon as I unpacked the books, Mia was instantly interested in them. The books themselves have bold, bright pictures on each page and are made to be hard wearing. With them being hard backed books they will last a while yet even with Lottie around!

Each page has a different ‘character’ to choose from, the pictures are detailed and stand out from the page due to their bold, bright colours. The idea is that you hold the book up to your face (either nose for the Beards book or eyes for the Masks book) and you instantly become one of the ‘characters’.


They look surprisingly good; I was impressed by just how much fun the books are. It didn’t take Mia long to work out what to do with them, we used a mirror so she could see herself and she found them really funny! She kept asking for me to take photos of her and show her them. The great thing is that the 6 ‘characters’ in each book are recognisable and Mia knew all but one of them. Some of the ‘characters’ you can be are; a Pirate, Police Officer, Wrestler, and Ice Hockey Player.


Mia struggled to hold the books up by herself when she was younger as they are quite thick and heavy, which they need to be but with a little help she was able to enjoy the books with no problem. She laughed so much at the pictures.


Each page has a little rhyme that goes along with the ‘characters’ and Mia enjoyed me reading the books as much as she did looking at the pictures. The books have still made us laugh a week later, they are brilliant for a bit of family entertainment and we will definitely be getting them out with the family on Christmas Day!

Currently retailing at £5.99 (Curious Fox) they are great books, that will have you all chuckling away. I recently bought the Book-O-Teeth so we only have the Book-O-Hats to get now!

Book-O-Beards / Book-O-Masks By Lemke & Lentz  

Have you seen the Book-O-Beards or Book-O-Masks?


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