How customised personal training can benefit your life

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Have you noticed a drop off in your workout results? Maybe you’re stuck in a routine or perhaps you are lacking the motivation to stick with a regular schedule. Instead of staying on the same path, challenge yourself to meet and beat more fitness goals with a customised personal training plan. 

Get Help with Motivation 

Sometimes the biggest challenge you face is motivation. You get up, go to the gym, do stretches, hit the treadmill or spin bike, and finish up with a weights circuit. This is great for a while, especially if you were new to regular workouts. And you got results. 

After several months or even a few years, you may not be feeling it anymore. You’re skipping days and spending less time with cardio. Maybe it’s got worse, and you’ve missed a few months. 

Get motivated with a personal trainer. They can switch it up, give you new ideas, and help you break out of the boredom and find the motivation you once had, again. 

Learn More with Customised Personal Training 

Some people can teach themselves new routines, exercises, and other ways to boost their fitness sessions. From YouTube videos to magazine articles and books, it’s possible. However, if you’re busy or learn through modelling and asking questions, these methods won’t be useful. A personal trainer knows the tricks and can help you develop a personalised system for you, saving you time and patience.

Prevent Injuries 

No one wants an injury. They’re costly, painful, and can slow down your progress. At the worst, they can even take you off your feet for several weeks or months to recover. The good thing is injuries are entirely preventable. These often happen when you’re trying something new. With a PT at your side, they’ll make sure you’re hitting each move correctly, spot you during weight sessions, and help keep you safe while you burst through your goals, whether it’s losing more weight, or building more muscle mass, a PT will get you there safely and faster. 

Meet Your Fitness Goals Quicker 

Even with the best intentions and a little extra motivation, you may find it hard to hit your fitness goals. A personal trainer is there to motivate you and help find out what’s slowing you down. They won’t tell you it’s okay, or that you’ll get there soon. They’ll push you to get there. A PT isn’t there to agree with your excuses; they’re there to squash them and drive you through the goals in record time. 

Tracking Your Progress

A great fitness plan includes crunching more than abs. It requires you to crunch numbers. Your wellness plan includes tracking what you eat and the exercises you’re completing. This includes everything from how long you warm-up and how many miles you finish cycling, to sets, reps, and increments. Unless you’re great with the various electronics on the market for tracking progress, a PT can help you keep track of the information and teach you to monitor it yourself for future reference. 

Break Through Plateaus

There will be certain times in your life where your first routine stops working. For example, with strength training, your muscles eventually get used to the volume and intensity of your regular workouts, and you won’t make any more gains. This is considered a plateau and to break through it, you need to shake up your routine, surprise your body, and stimulate it again. 

Try thinking of it as your body’s version of your brain getting bored with the routine. Changing things up, even something as simple as reversing the order of your standard exercises, can help you get through the levelling out period and back to reaching new goals. A personal trainer can help you identify what parts of your routine aren’t working anymore and replace them with new ideas that will work. 

Improve Your Accountability 

People set themselves up to fail with wellness goals all the time. How does this happen? There’s no one to hold them accountable. A PT can motivate you to get out there every day and do your best. They will track your progress and help you see your results, so you keep fighting. Additionally, a PT will challenge you to make it to the next level. Take your fitness goals to the next level with Masters Fitness Blackburn personal trainer. Your PT will help you set and meet goals, make steady increases in your progress, and stay focused. Get customised advice to workout smarter and reduce the risk of injury with a local personal trainer.

How do you keep motivated during exercise?

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