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Lottie’s 3rd Birthday – Lockdown Birthday #2!

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Like pretty much everyone around the world, we have been celebrating another birthday during lockdown restrictions! Can you believe that Lottie has turned 3! With the restrictions currently in force (I thought after she turned 2, we would be out of them by now!) we weren’t able to have any family over to celebrate with us, but we still made it a special day for her!

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As Lottie’s birthday is so close to Christmas, I usually use her Christmas gift list as my first port of call for birthday presents. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to get much as we can’t physically go into non-essential shops, but I managed to place a click and collect order at Smyths Toy Store so was able to go to the door and the staff member bring me the order which was actually really handy!

3 Balloon
Wrapped presents

We opted for a few little bits off her Christmas gift list that she didn’t get for Christmas, and we did a little tea party at home for her. She absolutely loved it! I got 2 plain cakes from Tesco, iced them both and then bought a topper from Amazon which looked amazing! Then I got her balloons from the people we usually order birthday balloons from. They weren’t sure if they could supply them as their warehouses had all closed but luckily, we managed to get some they had left over which was amazing!

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Cake with unicorn topper

It’s been another weird birthday but to be honest, the kids didn’t really seem to notice and certainly didn’t ask for a party as such. It’s strange as Mia had her 1st actual birthday party when she was 3 and it feels like poor Lottie is missing out due to covid! We will definitely make up for it next year if we can!

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What have you been doing for your children’s lockdown birthday during the restrictions?

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