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Christmas 2019 and Lottie’s 2nd Birthday!

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Happy New Year!! I have only just got around to writing this as we all know how crazy the Christmas holidays are followed by the New Year’s celebrations without a 2nd birthday being thrown into the mix don’t we?!

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Christmas Day and Boxing Day

We’ve had a really nice Christmas. It’s always a quiet one here as we have a really small family, so we spent Christmas Day itself just the 4 of us. In the morning we all got up and went to see if Santa had been! With Lottie nearly 2, it was lovely to see her understanding Christmas a bit more and she was so excited to see all the presents under the tree!

Christmas presents wrapped under the tree
Mia at Christmas with her presents

We went for a fab walk round the local park with the girls and then came home to a lovely home cooked Christmas Day dinner (cooked by Mario!) It was all very chilled and meant that the girls could sit and play with their new toys and things all day long, which is all kids want to do anyway!

Mia and Lottie sat eating Christmas dinner

On boxing day, we went over to my mums who lives about an hour away. She’s not long moved into her new house, so she wanted us all there for Christmas this year. My brother, his girlfriend and my sister and her boyfriend were there too which was nice. Lottie wasn’t very happy walking into a house full of people, so Mario ended up sat in the car with her to calm her down, but she soon found her feet after a 20-minute chill out!

Lottie sat eating at the table with her arms up in the air

The day after Boxing Day (what day is that even called?!), we went over to my dads who lives about 20 minutes away and again my siblings came as well as my gran. It was nice to spend time with everyone and meant that the girls weren’t bombarded with presents all at once. Its sometimes nice to spread them over a few days!

Lottie and Mia at nans meal

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is always quiet in our house too. With the girls being little still, we can’t really go anywhere yet! We poured some bubbly and settled down to watch Craig David doing the countdown, but Lottie had other ideas and unfortunately, I rang in the New Year sat on Lottie’s bedroom floor in the dark trying to get her to sleep! Never mind, there’s always next year!

Lottie’s 2nd Birthday!

On the 11th Jan, its Lottie’s birthday so as she is only turning 2, we had a little tea party at home for close family. We did a big buffet (a little too big, we had so much left over!), we had ordered some balloons and I bought a cake (I have learnt from past homemade cake making mistakes!). It was lovely to see her understanding her birthday a little bit more although I think she thinks she gets presents every weekend now!!

Number 2 and Peppa Pig birthday balloons
Peppa Pig cake and candles
Buffet food laid out ready

Sometimes you don’t have to do big extravagant things for Christmas and Birthdays, it’s nice to do things with family and friends, no matter what it is.

Lottie sat on her birthday trike

What did you do over Christmas and New Year?


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