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Creating Christmas Magic with The Magic Door Store


magic door store
I have always been interested in quirky, unique gifts and since having Mia over 2 years ago, we have filled her bedroom and toy boxes with lovely wooden, handmade and quality toys. When I came across The Magic Door Store Magic Fairy Doors I jumped at the chance to get Mia one. I originally had the Magic Fairy Door on her Christmas list for this year but after reading more about them, I decided to get her one as a bit of a lead up to Christmas present. The idea of the Magic Fairy and Elf doors is that once fixed on to your wall, the magic can begin and the fairies or elves can move in to your child’s room. The Magic Doors inspire creative and make-believe play; they allow your child to indulge in their imaginations.

Magic Fairy Door

The Magic Door Store is a small family run business which was founded in 2013. In the last 2 years the shop has grown to include Fairy and Elf Doors in various colours as well as accessories such as fairy footprints, a fairy ladder and a set of message boards.  The Fairy and Elf Doors are £20 and the accessories available are priced from £1-£14. It is very hard not to want to buy all the accessories but the prices are so good that it’s definitely worth buying a couple of pieces!

Fairy Door Pack

The Magic Door itself comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper along with a bottle of magic dust, a selection of door numbers so your child can personalise the door and a welcome note to leave for the fairies and elves. Our order was processed and delivered very quickly, in fact it arrived through the door within 24 hours! The packaging is beautifully designed with lovely bold bright colours and the same can be said for the wooden doors themselves. The doors are made of good quality wood, feel substantial and are really well made. The colours are bright and filled with detail. As soon as you open and handle the Magic Doors you can almost feel the magic inside them, we couldn’t wait to go and choose a special place for the door to go. Mia chose a quiet corner of her room and we made a big thing about attaching the door just above the skirting board and sprinkling the magic dust around and on it. The Magic Doors are easily mountable onto the wall or skirting board using sticky putty which is provided in the box. Mia chose her door number and loved sitting down next to it pretending to talk to the fairies inside. We ordered the heart chalk message boards which are perfect for writing a special message on and I can write messages back to Mia from the fairies which she really enjoys! She has shown her Magic Fairy Door to everyone who comes to the house and is very pleased with it! We were also sent a Christmas Wreath so we can’t wait to bring Christmas to the fairies! I have my eye on the step ladders next!

Magic Door

All in all, we were very impressed with the Magic Fairy Door’s; they are a beautiful, unique present ideal for Christmas and Birthdays. They would suit either girls or boys due to the various colour options and the choice of accessories available. They are great value and the care and love that has gone into creating such a truly magical gift shines through the packaging and the products themselves. It is well worth taking a look at their website Magic Door Store. So do something magical today!

Christmas Magic Fairy Door

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Please note: I received a discount on the Fairy Door and accessories that I bought via the shop website, all opinions and views expressed are my own.

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32 comments on “Creating Christmas Magic with The Magic Door Store

  • Jenny (Accidental Hipster Mum) , Direct link to comment

    This is too adorable! That little wreath! I love miniature stuff, it’s just too cute!


  • Cee Arr , Direct link to comment

    Looks like fun! XD

    I have to admit… I don’t really like fairy doors. Too much chance of upsetting Y Tylwyth Teg for my liking, lol. The Fair Folk are notoriously touchy. But as long as you’re very careful not to thank them for anything, you should be ok. 😉 And if you ever need to placate them, they like cream/milk, sugar & other sweet things (like honey,) and alcohol (the stronger the better.)

    The smaller ones (like the ones small enough to fit through a fairy door!) tend to be less trouble and more affectionate mischief anyway, lol. 🙂 Sorry, I live next to a woods in Wales. It’s left me with a lot of the old ways!


    • mummydaddymia , Direct link to comment

      I love this! Probably one of the best comments I have ever had! I had no idea the fairies don’t like being thanked but it sounds like we have a nicer one living in our fairy door 🙂

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