Paint Your Own Irish Fairy Door

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We were sent a fairy door as one of our first ever reviews around 5 years ago and Mia was a bit little in hindsight to understand fully what it was so when I saw that The Irish Fairy Door Company were looking for people to review their Paint-Your-Own Fairy Doors, I really wanted to try one out as Mia would understand a lot more this time around!

The Irish Fairy Door Company is an online shop selling all things fairy! They “help fairies relocate to homes and gardens all over the world by producing high quality Irish Fairy Doors.” As well as selling their Fairy Doors and Accessories, they have also created a lovely range of Fairy Friends which make the perfect addition to your Fairy Door! Their new range includes Paint-Your-Own Fairy Doors which is a great way to get your child really involved in the fairy magic!

Each Fairy Door comes in a beautifully presented box which is set up as it could be in your home. Each set comes with a wooden door, paints, a paintbrush, felt pens, a magic key in a bottle, three stepping-stones, the family/fairy lease agreement, a notepad for your fairy to write messages to you, and the fairy welcome guide.

complete pack

Mia couldn’t wait for me to get the Fairy Door out for her to start painting so she got all of her things out ready. I’m one of those parents that likes to ‘get involved’ in Mia’s craft projects and find it really tricky to leave her to it however I did let her do it herself and she picked all of the colours she wanted to use however I may have ‘tidied’ the edges up a bit afterwards!


The Door itself didn’t take a lot of painting and the paints are really nice and thick so we didn’t have to wait for it to dry to paint again as it just needed one coat. This is really handy as Mia was so impatient; she barely let it dry before she wanted to set it up in her room!

Whilst we waited for the Fairy Door to dry completely, we read through the Family/Fairy lease agreement and Mia signed it ready to set out next to the door. We also had a look through the Fairy Welcome Guide and followed the instructions to register our fairy online on the website. Mia enjoyed colouring in the Welcome Guide too!

When you register your fairy on the website (Mia called hers Henry), you have access to exclusive stories and a fairy newsletter will be sent on a weekly basis. There is a list of fairy names on the website so if you have trouble thinking of one, you can head over there and take a look. You can also download a smart phone app where you can have even more fairy related fun!


Once the Fairy Door is dry, it’s time to find a lovely home for your fairy to move into. Mia chose her room by the wall so she placed her Fairy Door down along with the three stepping-stones and the magic key in its bottle (the door can be placed outside too.)

Mia kept asking me when her fairy would arrive and if she would see him so I knew she was really excited about the idea of the fairy coming! She had been having some nightmares for the few days before so we used the Fairy Door and fairy as a way of telling her Henry (her fairy) was coming to take those bad dreams away and actually since having the Fairy Door there she hasn’t had any yet! We also left a message welcoming Henry to our house and Mia was more than happy to go to sleep that night!

fairy door in place

The next morning Mia woke up to find that the Magic Key was gone and her message to Henry had been replaced with a reply. Her fairy had even had time to write her a little thank you message back! She was so excited but disappointed she had missed him!

We loved decorating our Irish Fairy Door, it’s a great way to create the magic behind the idea and getting Mia involved in the process meant that she was more than excited for her fairy to move in. Priced at £20, the Fairy Doors are more than worth the cost and would make a great Christmas gift for any child who loves fairies or even painting!

The fun doesn’t stop there as with a great range of accessories and packs, you can decorate your fairy’s surroundings however you want to. We were sent the 4 piece fairy playtime accessory set to go with Mia’s door.


Inside there is; a see-saw, a swing, a ladder, and a bicycle. All made from the highest quality materials, they look so cute next to the door! Priced at £12.99 they make the perfect fairy accessories! Mia couldn’t wait to pop them outside her fairy door and is really excited for Henry (her fairy) to come out and play with them tonight!



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