The Challenge Goal game set up

Magnetic Fun with the Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal!

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We have recently become aware of Geomag and the fabulous Magicube. Both Mia and Lottie have absolutely loved building and creating various objects with the set of magnetic cubes, so I was really happy when we were given the Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal set for Mia.

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Now this set is one for the older children, so Lottie is too young for this (even with the balls being non-toxic), but Mia is the perfect age! Challenge Goal is a fast and frantic game for up to 4 players. The 96-piece educational game consists of 15 metal balls and 81 elements with a goal mechanism. The aim of the game is to score the most goals by using precision, timing and dexterity! And it’s quite a challenge!

In addition to the classic magnetic bars and steel balls, mechanics adds mechanical elements to the buildings, increasing the game play possibilities. Some parts of the structure can rotate, triggering various outcomes when the balls are attracted or repulsed by the magnets and the game can be set up in a number of different ways.

The Challenge Goal game set up

The game itself needs to be assembled before you start actually playing and this was a little overwhelming with just images in the instruction booklet to look at. There are a lot of different pieces! They need to be a little more detailed and clearer with how the pieces fit together but I suppose this is half the fun! With various ways to assemble the game from the get-go, it took a while to get it set up so definitely doing this with slightly older children is advised as Mia was on the cusp of being fed up with it before she even got started!

Challenge Goal Game

We were a little surprised by how flimsy the pieces feel and I would imagine if you weren’t very careful, were a little heavy handed or a younger child got hold of them, they would actually snap fairly easily which is a shame as the Magicube Magnetic Cubes we had before were really high quality!

The main game to play is to shoot the balls into the goal. The little lever mechanism sets the balls off, you just have to time it right and shoot accurately! The lever sets up the next ball for you so you’re ready to shoot again!

Mia playing with the Geomag Game

It takes a lot of practice to get the balls to go anywhere near where you want them to but once you get the hang of it, it does become easier. I would also make sure you have plenty of room to play the game as we lost a couple of balls under the fridge on the first go! They seriously shoot off all over the place!

Mia giving a thumbs up to the Challenge Goal game

Mia absolutely loves the Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal game and it is a lot of fun! She was really good at it and has really enjoyed playing it. I can see the small balls being a problem and I’m sure we will lose some more but for now, it’s a fun game we can all get involved in!

Would you buy the Mechanics Challenge Goal for your child?

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