Lottie building a Geomag block tower

Building Fun with the Geomag Magicube

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The girls love spending their time building things. They are currently using Duplo from when I was a little girl, so the sets are at least 20 years old! They both create all sorts of amazing and wonderful structures to role play with together and it’s lovely to watch them. Lottie is still in the building big towers to immediately knock them down stage which can be a bit frustrating for Mia when she has created something really great but she’s slowly getting used to it! In comes the Geomag Magicube!

Cover image for the Magicube

I have heard of Geomag before and had the impression they are really high-quality play sets, but we have never physically seen or played with any so when we saw the Geomag Magnetic Cubes I was really interested in how the girls would play with them. We were sent the Mechanics Challenge Goal at the same time however!

Geomag Magicube is a set of 24 colourful magnetic blocks. The blocks are really colourful so are perfect for teaching younger children about colours. You can immediately feel the quality of the cubes and they are a great size for toddlers and younger children. They feel really well made and robust enough to withstand with rough play of a 4-year-old! The cubes stick together on any side meaning that Lottie can literally create anything she wants with them!

Lottie with the blocks

The packaging has some great building ideas on it and Mia has been making a chair out of the cubes which features in a lot of the girls’ games with them! The cubes when connected, also remain suspended so you can easily build a bridge or a door structure with them. As the girl’s games consist mainly of playing ‘families’ with their little toy figures, they love to build houses and garages along with gardens out of blocks so being able to do this with the Magicubes is fab!

Mia with a Geomag chair

The only downside is that Lottie can’t make a tower bigger than her! That seems to be her gauge of whether the game is good enough for her! She would love some more cubes to create an even bigger tower so I think they will definitely be on her Christmas list this year!

Lottie building a Geomag block tower

The Geomag Magicube is a great set of magnetic play cubes for young children. They allow children to take part in educational play as well as immerse themselves in imaginative play. Lottie has loved discovering how to build with the cubes and even Mia has enjoyed playing with them! I know they will both continue to build weird and wonderful things with them!

Have you discovered Geomag yet?

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