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Make Your Outdoor A Secure Haven With Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor living has become a major home design trend, with lavish patios, kitchens, bars and landscaping turning backyards into open-air oases. But once the sun sets, poor lighting can make these spaces unusable and unsafe.

 Modern outdoor lighting fixtures with motion sensors provide a hands-free solution to illuminate, secure and enhance your exterior areas long after dark. This comprehensive guide will help you select the ideal motion sensor outdoor lights to fulfil both practical and aesthetic needs for your home.

Outdoor Lighting

Benefits of Outdoor Motion Lighting

Motion sensor activated lighting offers unique advantages over standard switched outdoor lights:


Automatically turning on when needed, motion lighting provides true hands-free convenience during outdoor tasks and activities. Never fumble for light switches again.


Strategically placed motion security lighting deters potential intruders by immediately flooding key areas with light when activated. It also makes walkways and stairs highly visible to prevent accidents.

Electricity Savings

Motion sensors prevent lights staying on when not in use, cutting energy waste significantly. LED bulbs, solar power and dimming features on fixtures further limit power consumption.

Low Maintenance

With no switches needed, motion activated lights have fewer wiring issues over time. Their automated operation is hassle-free and robust once installed properly.

Advanced Features

Many motion sensor lights integrate helpful extras like programmable timers, multiple colour modes, voice controls and smart home connectivity for total convenience.

With advantages like these, motion sensored outdoor lighting is becoming the default choice for upgrading exteriors.

Determining Where to Install Motion Lights

Consider where on your property motion activated illumination can enhance convenience, safety and ambience:

Outdoor Lighting


Greet guests with a well-lit main entrance and walkway. Lights aimed at front doors, driveways and porches activate automatically to guide visitors.

Patios & Decks

Extend entertaining and relaxation into the evenings by adding motion lighting to seating nooks, dining spaces, staircases and gardens.


Security lights with motion sensors aimed at yards and perimeter fences provide seamless monitoring against intruders.

Garages & Sheds

Illuminate parking spots and storage spaces automatically as you come and go. This visibility also deters break-ins.

Paths & Steps

Guide movements and prevent falls by installing motion activated walkway, landscape and step lights. This lighting alerts you to tripping hazards.

Evaluate your exterior layout to determine where motion sensor fixtures can provide the biggest practical impact.

Stylish Motion Sensor Lighting Options

Thanks to smart technology integration, motion activated outdoor lights are now available in chic, contemporary styles:

Outdoor Lighting

Wall Mounted

Discreet, angular wall mounted lights activate seamlessly above doors, patios and garage entrances when needed.

Security Floodlights

Adjustable, powerful floodlights designed for motion activation brightly sweep areas at a distance for optimal visibility.

Path Lights

Slim, minimal path lights and mini spotlights add subtle ground-level illumination along walkways, gardens and driveways on approach.

Step Lights

Small profile step lights guarantee safe traversal of outdoor stairs and decks after dark.

Lamp Posts

Classically styled lamp posts topped with motion sensor spotlights add elegance while lighting driveways and entries automatically.

Pole Lights

Tall, sleek pole lights distributed around the exterior activate spotlight heads on approach to flood areas with light.

Pendant Lights

Hanging pendant lights illuminate porches, patios, and seating areas when detected for ambience that delights.

With such variety, it’s easy to find motion activated outdoor lighting to coordinate with your home’s architecture and landscaping for a cohesive look.

Key Features to Look for in Motion Lights

To best meet your unique needs, look for outdoor motion fixtures offering advanced capabilities such as:

  • Adjustable motion sensors – Control the activation range from wide to narrow coverage.
  • Customisable light output – Features like dimming, colour modes and brightness controls allow customization.
  • Dusk to dawn operation – Lights automatically turn on at night and off at dawn for 24/7 security.
  • Timed shut off – Lights turn back off 1, 5 or 10 minutes after motion is detected to conserve energy.
  • LED bulbs – LEDs consume far less energy than incandescent bulbs and have a 25X longer lifespan.
  • Wireless installation – No wiring required for fast installation with solar or battery powered lights.
  • Weather resistance – Durable finishes protect fixtures from outdoor elements like rain, snow and sun exposure.
  • Smart features – Integration with smart home platforms for total voice or app control convenience.

The more settings and features available, the better you can tailor your motion activated outdoor lighting experience.

Choosing Bulb Colour Temperature

Outdoor motion lights come in a range of bulb colour temperatures to set a desired aesthetic:

  • Soft white (2700K) – Warm, inviting glow that feels familiar and cosy like incandescent bulbs. Great for entertainment areas.
  • Bright white (3500-4100K) – Balances illumination and ambience beautifully. The most universal and flattering tone.
  • Daylight (5000K) – Crisp and bright daylight-mimicking light. Maximises visibility so ideal for security around perimeters.
  • Tunable colour – Adjustable from warm to cool tones so you can change up the mood and functionality as needed.

Blending colour temperatures is recommended to get the right light purposefully placed for security, ambience and tasks.

Strategic Placement Guidelines

Proper positioning improves your motion lighting’s effectiveness:

Security Lights

  • Place prominently by all vulnerable entry points like doors and windows.
  • Mount floodlights to fully wash high risk areas with light when motion triggered.
  • Angle lights to avoid glare into neighbouring homes and windows.

Pathway Lights

  • Space lights at consistent intervals to fully illuminate walking paths without gaps.
  • Stagger lights on either side of paths to eliminate uneven shadows from a single light source.
  • Highlight potential tripping points with lighting, like steps and changes in elevation.

Wall Lights

  • Allow for ample light spread by mounting at eave level rather than directly under eaves.
  • Avoid directing light straight through windows into bedrooms for sleeping comfort. Mount off to the side instead.

Thoughtful placement amplifies outdoor motion lighting’s security and navigation benefits.

Energy Saving Options

To limit your environmental impact and electricity costs, select motion activated lights with:

  • LED or CFL bulb – Use 80% less energy while lasting years longer than incandescents.
  • Limited activation range – Fine-tune motion sensors to not over-light areas unnecessarily.
  • Short timer settings – Lights shut back off quickly once motion ceases. Set this duration as short as comfortably possible.
  • Dimmable – Dimming extends bulb lifespan significantly while reducing power consumption.
  • Solar power – Absorb sunlight during the day for off-grid illumination at night.
  • Low voltage – 12V DC fixtures like path lights consume less energy than 120V AC wiring.

Every adjustment helps conserve power for cost and environmental savings that add up over time.

Enhance Your Exterior Lighting

The right motion sensor outdoor lighting adds beauty, security and an inviting ambience to your outdoor spaces after dark so you can enjoy them safely long into the evenings.

Shop for Motion Activated Lights

Ready to upgrade your exterior lighting? Universal Lighting offers a wide selection of contemporary PIR outdoor lights with motion activation to suit your outdoor design needs.

Browse security floods, pathlights, lamp posts, wall fixtures and more, available in durable, weather-resistant constructions with LED lamps, adjustable heads and smart controls for total customization. Light up your exterior with smooth UK delivery and exceptional customer service from Universal Lighting.

Illuminate Your Nights Conveniently

Outdoor living spaces deserve to look and function beautifully long after the sun goes down. Modern motion activated lighting provides a convenient, sustainable solution for any exterior. Strategic motion security lighting deters intruders while accent lighting creates an inviting ambience for entertaining.

With automated illumination right where and when you need it, motion lighting makes for nighttime navigation that is both safe and stylish. Give your exterior an upgrade with the latest in smart outdoor motion sensor fixtures. Your future evenings just got brighter!

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