Mia with her Purella Kitty plushie

Mia Meets the Twisty Petz and Twisty Petz Cuddlez!

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As Mia gets older her collectables game definitely goes up a notch! She still loves her Grossery Gang, Shopkins and Hatchimals but she has recently enjoyed collecting the Lucky Fortune charms. When she saw that Spinmaster are on series 3 of their collection of Twisty Petz, I knew it wouldn’t be long before she wanted to check them out!

Cover image for Twisty Petz

Twist Petz are bejewelled charms that can not only be worn as jewellery but also create cute pet animals when connected together “wear on your wrist, transform with a twist!’ Not only that but you can connect more than 1 Twisty Petz on to each other to create bigger sparkly bracelets! Mia was sent a pack of 3 which contained the Bling-Balm Turtle (also a lip gloss!), the Glitzerella Pony and then a mystery charm, which is always a huge draw for Mia, called Frostie Polar Bear!

Mia with her Twisty Petz and Twisty Petz Cuddlez

Each Twisty Petz can be turned from a bracelet into a Petz really easily. Just twist the front and back legs together and when you want a bracelet again, just pull apart and connect the 2 ends! Connect 3 together to create a necklace! As with all collectables there are a huge range of different ones to collect, all in different groups with ratings from Super Rare to Exclusive which adds to the excitement of the mystery Petz!

Twisty Petz charm
Mia with her Twisty Petz charm on her wrist
Lottie with a Twisty Petz charm

As well as this she was also sent the brand new Twisty Petz Cuddlez Purella Kitty which I hadn’t even seen before and was something that Mia was so excited to see! The Twisty Petz Cuddlez are transforming wearable plush animals. They work in the same way as the Twisty Petz charms, just pull the head and the tail to wear like a scarf and when you want to put it back together into a cuddly pet, you just grab the front and back legs and twist!

Mia with her Purella Kitty plushie

The Purella Kitty is really soft and cuddly! I would suggest it’s for slightly younger children as it only just fits around Mia’s neck as a scarf, but she loves it anyway! All in all, Mia will definitely be collecting the Twisty Petz over the next year, they also have an Enchanted Jewellery Tree so that may be on her next birthday list!

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