Morse Toad Chocolate Card

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I love giving personalised gifts and every year I’m always on the search for the most unique gifts to give. I noticed that Morse Toad were looking for reviewers of their Chocolate Cards and I have to say I was so excited by the thought of them that it must have come across in my application and I was asked to do a review for them!

Morse Toad is a delicious personalised messaging service where unlike normal messages and cards, these messages can be enjoyed and the photo cards cherished forever! Morse Code is the inspiration for the name and the creator Dicky Broadhurst used the letterpress blocks as inspiration for the chocolate pieces. Then he built the option of including a printed photograph with an additional message for the recipient. The cards are designed to fit in a wallet so the treasured memories can be kept forever. The Chocolate Card was born! You can create something completely bespoke out of chocolate!

Chocolate Card

I absolutely love the brand name, Morse Toad and the website is really simple and easy to use. I decided to create a Christmas Card (£12.50) for Mia to pop in her stocking for Christmas morning so on the website I input my message for Mia ‘Love Santa!’ and decided to upload a photo of her to add to the card (you can also use an image from the website if you do not wish to upload one). The website makes it very simple to create a card for any occasion and the result is a lovely little surprise for the recipient!

Stocking Filler

Then I decided to order Mario a chocolate message with ‘Daddy’ on it as a treat for him (£2.75). The boxes can contain 3, 7, 11, 22, 33, or 44 letters depending on the length of message chosen. You can write your own message or choose one of the selections from the website itself.

Morse Toad source the smoothest, most exceptional Belgian chocolate so you can ensure that the messages you send are the yummiest they can be! Their suppliers source their chocolate ethically, and process their cocoa with great care and expertise. Each Chocolate Card or stocking filler fits through your letterbox and with free standard delivery can be with your recipient quickly and effort-free! I love the uniqueness of the Morse Toad Messaging Service and the fact they can be personalised is amazingly fab! Even after the chocolate has gone, the card can be kept in a wallet for a long-lasting memory.

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