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Smart Tips For Increasing Motivation When Working From Home

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No matter if you are a work from home mum, dad, brother, or sister, you might lack motivation from time to time. Whether you work for yourself or a company, it can be challenging to stay focused and on track at all times. It is normal to lose concentration if you are tired, stressed, or have distractions. If you are someone who deals with a lack of motivation when working from home, here are some tips to combat that. 

Smart Tips For Increasing Motivation
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Give yourself a break

Working from home can often eliminate the ‘lunchtime’ feeling. You may work through because you have a lot to do, or to finish early. However, it is essential to take a long break (or regular breaks) to ensure you can recuperate your energy and stay focused. Sitting down and working for long periods of time can cause you to lose concentration, which can hinder your motivation. 

Ensure to take a regular and routine lunch hour, enjoy some fresh air, a coffee using Nespresso compatible pods, or partake in some yoga in the garden. Whatever helps you relax and re-energize, do it so that you can stay motivated throughout the entire day.

Get dressed 

To stay motivated and get in the work zone, make sure to get dressed every morning. Get up and act as if you are going into work. This will help you get in the zone and stay focused. Being in a uniform or the right outfit will help increase motivation and help you stay on track until you get undressed to wind down for the evening. 

Change your location

If you are working from home and sitting at your kitchen table, it can be easy to get distracted and therefore lose motivation. Instead, switch up your location every few days. Maybe sit in a different room or go to a coffee shop. 

Changing your location and your scenery will help you eliminate regular distractions and maintain your focus so that you can stay motivated. 

Organise your time well

With a lack of organization, it can be easy to lose track of your work, motivation, and focus. Before starting work for the day, set yourself a schedule. This will ensure that you stay on track and complete what you need to. 

Without a schedule, you might spend too long on one strenuous task and burn all of your concentration and/or energy. To prevent this, be organized and stay in line with your set timings.

Reward yourself

When you are at work, you might experience regular rewards. Whether it is a vocal recognition from your boss or a lunchtime coffee from a colleague, these small rewards improve your mood, which can help with motivation

You may lack these unexpected rewards at home, which can hinder your motivation. Thus, ensure to keep these rewards going and treat yourself from time to time.  It could be as simple as having a yummy lunch, a lunchtime walk with an old friend, or finishing half an hour earlier to enjoy some self-care time.

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