Musclefood: Do The Unthinkable Meal Plan Review

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Update: The plan has recently changed to the Goal Getters Plan!

Musclefood is a well-known brand in the fitness world and anyone who wants to get fit by eating well knows how good they are what they do. The main idea behind the Musclefood: Do The Unthinkable plan is to create healthy, fresh foods that aid your exercise plans and fuel your body effectively. As well as their main online shop, they have recently launched a complete diet and exercise plan designed for those of us too busy to count calories, to time poor to create homemade meals every day, and those of us who just need a bit of a kick start in the exercise department!

Created for people who are very into their fitness, workout a little and want to explore the food side of things, and even for people who do nothing at all at the moment! Musclefood claim to transfer your life and body in 90 days with a complete plan so here is how we found a week following the Musclefood: Do The Unthinkable plan.

Included within in the plan is the following things; a personal progress tracker, a recipe book, a 12 week nutritional video series, exercise tutorials to ensure you are doing the correct exercises in the correct way, a fitness test tracker, a 12 week workout system, DVD’s, and your own personal trainer.

Musclefood: Do The Unthinkable

The first part of Musclefood is the actual food. Start by choosing your goal: whether it be to lose weight, get slim and toned, to develop muscle, or get ripped! Then input your gender, age, current weight, height, and how active you are each week and you will be presented with your own personalised meal plan ready to order. There are 3 types of plan available; weekends off, 1 day off, and 2 days off so you can fully customise the plan to suit your lifestyle. Every meal you ever need (breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snacks a day) is prepared for you and sent freshly to your door each week. You don’t have to be in when it arrives as the food is carefully packaged to ensure it is kept cool and fresh.

Musclefood 'Do The Unthinkable'
Musclefood 'Do The Unthinkable'

There was not one meal that we did not like! Each meal was full of flavour, perfectly portioned out and absolutely faff free! Easy to create, there are various types of food to choose from. For lunch and dinner there are soups (chicken and sweetcorn), ready-type meals (beef lasagne and veg), and meals you make up yourself (chicken tikka curry), so you don’t have to think about what to eat and don’t have to start preparing any dinners from scratch again!

The breakfasts consist of different types of porridge which is what I try and eat for breakfast anyway and the snacks (Chinese marinated chicken breast, protein bars, and cheddar and sour cream zippers) are pre-packed for you to grab on the go! The whole plan is really simple and easy to follow. You end up actually eating more than you would do over the course of the day, but you know you are eating the correct calories for your own needs and the portion sizes are spot on!

Musclefood 'Do The Unthinkable'
Musclefood 'Do The Unthinkable'
Musclefood 'Do The Unthinkable'
Musclefood 'Do The Unthinkable'

Then there are the workouts for you to either follow along on the included DVD or stream 24/7 to suit when you can work out. Full workout plans are given and although you work out less, you actually achieve more as each workout is tailored to your needs and focuses on what end result you want. You get support from a personal trainer and nutritionalist as well as Facebook live Q&A sessions so that you can get support as and when you need it from others following the plan and from the professionals! The exercise plans are easy to follow, well instructed and each exercise has a tutorial to help ensure you are performing each move correctly and you don’t get any injuries!

Musclefood 'Do The Unthinkable'

Musclefood: Do The Unthinkable has been really simple and easy to follow over the last week. It is brilliant knowing I don’t have to think about my meals and snacks, I’m eating decent, fresh meals and I’m properly fuelling my body for the day ahead. Musclefood: Do The Unthinkable is far more than a meal delivery service, it is a complete meal and exercise plan that can be really beneficial for anyone wanting to lose weight or tone up their bodies.

We were really impressed with the quality of the food and the ease in preparing it after a busy day at work so would recommend it to anyone wanting to do the same. As big meal prepper’s anyway, this has enabled us to get back the couple of hours in the kitchen each week preparing the next weeks meals and although, like most of these types of service, the costs are fairly high, it is outweighed by how much time we have saved and that is priceless! If you would like to see how we have been increasing our workout efficiency, we recently worked with Multipower.

Musclefood have kindly given all of my lovely readers a £5 discount on your 1st order using code: MDM5

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