Brushing Sensitive Teeth with the nano-b Toothbrush

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When pregnant with Mia and then Lottie, I suffered with swollen gums that bled at the slightest brush or knock. I knew it was quite normal when I was pregnant but the fact it’s still continuing long after pregnancy has been a worry. As well as regular check-ups at the dentist (which are all fine!) it was suggested that I find a toothbrush that would help me clean my teeth thoroughly as well as be sensitive enough for my gums. I have tried many different products in the past few years and none have done the job so when I saw that nano-b were looking for reviewers for their innovative nano-b toothbrush that is especially for brushing sensitive teeth, I was really interested to see if they would work for me.

Nano-b have created 2 special toothbrushes specifically aimed and designed for those with sensitive teeth and gums. The toothbrushes themselves have a unique two-tier bristle structure; long, flossing bristles which help to clean plaque from between the teeth, and short, oval bristles which gently polish the tooth’s surface. Each toothbrush is naturally antibacterial and destroys 99.9% of all bacteria that try to get near your toothbrush so you know you are going to get a good clean each time you brush!

toothbrushes pot

Nano-b toothbrushes come in 2 types, each with different properties. Both toothbrushes have a double-layered bristle structure ensuring a good clean each time, pushing the gums gently upwards to remove bacteria whilst polishing the surface of each tooth. The rounded edges of each toothbrush bristle means that even the most sensitive teeth and gums are protected and cared for. As well as this, the reduction in bacteria means fresher breath as most cases of bad breath is caused by the bacteria found on your toothbrush itself!


The nano-b Silver toothbrush is made up of 1600 bristles integrated with genuine silver nano-particles. I won’t get too techy but these ‘particles release negatively charged ions that penetrate bacterial cells, suppressing the cells respiration and metabolism. This kills bacteria and prevents further growth on your toothbrush’ keeping you safe from the harmful bacteria which can be found on most ordinary toothbrushes.

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The nano-b Gold and Charcoal toothbrush has bristles which are made up of half gold particles and the other half charcoal particles. The reason charcoal is used is that it absorbs toxins and stains from your teeth’s surface really easily.

gold and charcoal toothbrush head

I’m really impressed with the nano-b toothbrushes! I immediately found that my gums bled less and didn’t hurt as much when my teeth were brushed usually. This is really important for me as it has been a problem for a few years now and does get me down.

I love the toothbrush designs, they are cool, sleek and modern looking. The bristles feel soft and the toothbrush handles are easy to hold when brushing. You can customise the toothbrush handle colours so it would be easy to differentiate between other household members toothbrushes, which is handy. Each toothbrush is £7.99 however if you purchase a twin pack or family pack, they are at a discounted price. I think they are well worth the cost and I will be using them from now on myself.

Each toothbrush comes in a travel case which is really good to keep the brushes in whilst at home or away. Nano-b also offer a subscription service where your selected toothbrush is sent to you every 3 months, great when you are as forgetful as me when it comes to replacing toothbrushes! I really liked the nano-b toothbrush and won’t hesitate to use them in the future.

What do you do when you’re brushing sensitive teeth?


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