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What do you Mean, Your Child’s NOT in Pampers?!

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Amongst all of the hundreds of decisions you make as a new parent or an almost-parent is; what choice of nappies your new baby will use. Before we fell pregnant we hadn’t put much or in fact any thought into our nappy choices, as I’m sure not many people would! So when we went to the local supermarket to purchase some, we were amazed by the many choices, brands, sizes, colours, pack sizes, etc… there are out there. Not only do you have to decide between these brands, you also need to think about how many packs of what size you think you will need, what kind of absorbency you will need and later as your baby gets older, whether their nappy will up to the job of withstanding their daily movements?!

Before Mia arrived, we decided to stick to brands we had heard of so we stocked up on some size 1 Huggies and Pampers (we didn’t bother with new-born size as we knew baby wouldn’t be in them long enough!). We thought that by keeping to well-known brands they would be better quality and as first-time parents we felt safer in the knowledge we were paying for someone else to ensure they were the right nappies.

When Mia arrived and we had used up all of the branded nappies, we switched to Tesco’s own nappies as my mum (mum to 3) suggested that as Mia wasn’t exactly moving around and was being changed at every feed 2 hourly, it wouldn’t matter about the quality as much. We were more than happy as at half the price of the branded ones, they were still really good quality and ‘did the job’!

Tesco Nappies

However once Mia started moving around more at around 6 months old, we did switch back to Pampers nappies for a few months as we lost a bit of confidence in the Tesco own ones and Pampers specifically state that they are great for when baby’s start moving around. There is no denying that they are very good, we never had any problems with them and I think at the time it was worth paying the extra for them.

Once Mia hit 1, I ended up being sent some Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s own branded nappies to trial and review and I was really impressed with the Sainsbury’s ones, so impressed that we switched immediately to them from Pampers. At first, when we were at baby groups and Mia’s nappies were visible through her tights, I was a bit worried that someone would see and look down on me for having her in what are deemed as ‘supermarket nappies’ but I soon got over that! They are a lot cheaper, we have had no issues with them even though Mia is walking, climbing, jumping etc… on everything and they also have lovely little characters on them that Mia loves to look at.

I think the branded makes like Pampers  are great for when you’re not confident in knowing which nappies you should be using and let’s face it, the packs of any nappies aren’t cheap enough to buy ‘just to see’ if they are ok or not! I think there is an air of everyone expecting your baby or toddler to be in ‘branded’ nappies and ‘branded’ clothing but this doesn’t always need to be the case. I would say from the experiences we had, to give the supermarkets own brand nappies a chance as they are surprisingly good and I’m pretty sure that Mia will be in them until the day she is potty trained (although that seems a long way off at the moment!!).


  • Random Musings

    Recently I have heard a lot of good things about supermarket branded nappies and other baby products. It’s great that you find them to be as good when they are so much cheaper!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

    • mummydaddymia

      I know! Its such an expense that thankfully we now don’t have but its nice to feel like your getting the same quality for a bit less! 🙂

  • A Cornish Mum

    My boys are now 10 and almost 12 and in all honesty I can’t even remember which nappies I used, just that I seemed to need a never ending supply of them lol! Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix lovely, hope to see you there again tomorrow!

    Stevie x

  • Loving life with little ones

    We could only use pampers with my first two children as ‘cheaper’ nappies made them instantly sore. With baby number 3 we have used cloth nappies and I love them, no way we’d go back to disposables now but if we do occasionally use them in holiday for example we use naty nappies, no chemicals and made with wood pulp, eco friendly too. #maternitymondays

    • mummydaddymia

      Aww, i have heard similar stories of ‘cheaper’ nappies not suiting a lot of children. Your a better person than me for using cloth nappies, I never tried them but did know a child who had them at a nursery I worked at years ago and they were a nightmare so I take my hat off to anyone that does use them 🙂

  • Life as Mum

    I think every single nappy brand is different for every child. Huggies will be awful on some kids but brilliant for others. and some goes with other brands. its odd isn’t it.
    Thanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  • Mommy's Little Princesses

    Oh gosh this is so very true. I remember back to when I had to pack my hospital bag when I was pregnant with Ella, and I had absolutely no idea which nappies we should use. Upon my sister recommendation we went with Huggies. However a little later on we changed to pampers as we found they held more and had less leakage. Since then we haven’t used anything other than pampers and because we are happy with them, we have stayed with pampers. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday!xx #KCACOLS

    • mummydaddymia

      Aww yes its so difficult to change brands once something works for you, you just stay with what you know and they are too pricey to try out lots of different ones! 🙂

  • A Moment with Franca

    I have always used Pampers. These are the ones you get at the hospital too so it is kind of you are pushed to use them, right? I really like Pampers anyway and I never had a problem so I never really thought about trying new brands. Having said that I remembered receiving in my Emma’s Diary bag a pack of Aldis to try which I did but to be honest I didn’t like it as Sienna had lots of leaks with it. I agree with you about not always you need to buy a branded nappy. But I guess people tend to go for what is more popular and has the best reviews. I’m glad to know that Tesco ones are good. I will have that in mind in case I need to switch. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

    • mummydaddymia

      aww yeah its so tricky to change (if you want to!) as they aren’t cheap so you stick with what you know and what works for you! 🙂

  • Jude Hurrell

    I never really worried about branding really. We’ve tried everything from reusable cloth nappies to Aldi disposables. It’s no biggie to me and my daughter doesn’t seem bothered – except if they’re pink, then she’s super keen! Interesting post. #sundaystars

  • Habiba

    I never gave any thought to which brand to buy either, and have been using pampers! But I frequently wonder if I should try something else. I’ve heard the Aldi own brand nappies are supposed to be brilliant (and much cheaper) but as there’s not one very close by, I’ve never gotten round to trying them!! #brilliantblogposts

    • mummydaddymia

      Yeah I think when your a first time mum you stick to main brands and then never swap as there’s not much point, we tried aldi pull-ups not long ago as we were near one at the time and they were good. Thanks for commenting 🙂

    • mummydaddymia

      Oh bless! We haven’t ever tried reuseable to be honest, I know we probably should have just didn’t like the thought of it! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy

    Good for you. I actually only ever used huggies with my son until they stopped making diapers in the uk only swim ones and switches to tesco loves and never went back. MM has always been in tesco loves and now pullups too. I love them. Sometimes what’s in a brand name is just popularity. Thanks so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  • Chan

    I agree with your statement that branded nappies are great when you have little confidence; as a new mum to 1, we had the same dilemma.
    Although we started with pampers (great on baby’s skin, ultra absorbant, etc) we then quickly started experimenting with other ‘supermarket brands’ when little one was around 1year-18months. We did this to help save money (nappies are expensive), especially when your child requires changing more frequently & will point out that they’ve done a wee-wee – please change me, Mummy! Or simply removes their own nappy!
    The Sainsburys ones were my favourite; but we found quickly that you can buy Pampers by the box (of 72, I think) from places such as Home Bargains – for a costly £8.99 (usually costs in region of £10) – quite a bargain!
    I promote this everywhere I go – simply because it’s useful to know & it’s a great idea to offer a great brand at a cheaper price!
    Happy Mummy!

    • mummydaddymia

      I’m glad you found the Sainsbury’s nappies as good as us, we didn’t really want to try them but I’m glad we did! We haven’t tried places like Home Bargains yet, we just stuck to supermarkets and Kiddicare when it was open, will have to try it now! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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