Never Lose Your Valuables Again with TrackR!

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With life growing ever busier, it’s very easy to lose track of anything from keys, bags, purses and even sports gear! Keys are a major thing in our house, with Mario misplacing them quite often and it adds to the panic when you’re rushing out of the house with all of your bags and things for the day ahead.

We have previously tried out the Beets Blu Pagertag which Mario still uses so I was looking for something I could pop onto my bag or purse for those times when I’m in a rush and can’t recall where I have left them! By using a Bluetooth tracker, you can now ensure that if the worst thing does happen you can easily find where you put your item and never lose your valuables again!

Bluetooth trackers are small gadgets that attach to your most prized possessions and the things you are most worried about losing in your day to day life. An app on your device can locate the items using a map and an audible tone on the tracker itself to alert you to its whereabouts.

The TrackR is a tiny coin-sized device that attaches onto pretty much anything you are in danger of losing track of and is barely noticeable once attached. TrackR ensures nothing gets lost by keeping track of your items reliably and quickly via Bluetooth (not a live GPS!) on the accompanying app (downloadable on ITunes or Android).

Never Lose Your Valuables

Just open the app on your device and your phone will start searching for the TrackR and your item. It takes seconds to do and from there you can see how close you are to your item in real time as well as on a map with the distance indicator.

By clicking the ‘volume’ button on the screen, the TrackR then creates an audible tone and emits a flashing light so you can physically see and hear when you are getting closer to your item! It will also tell you when your item was last seen using its Crowd Locate network so you can see up to date information on the screen.

If you can’t find your phone, don’t worry! The phone finder can be activated by pressing the button on your TrackR device; it rings your phone even on silent! This small piece of kit does so much; with family sharing available on multiple phones for shared items such as car keys or even the family pet, and separation alerts when you are about to leave your item behind, there is no excuse for the whole family to ever lose their valuables again!

Never Lose Your Valuables

I love the TrackR device as it’s sleek, slim and really well made. With the battery lasting up to a year and easily replaceable with a standard CR1620 battery, it makes the device durable and long lasting! With a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet (obstacles may affect range slightly) you can be sure that you can find your valuables around the home before the mad rush to leave the house and with a handy price tag of around £25, is more than worth it to save time and stress in the mornings and being safe in the knowledge that you will never lose your valuables again!

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