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We are a family that snacks…. a lot! Mia is a grazer which means she is far happier eating little bits all day long and not a big meal all in one go and I love anything like tapas or buffets where I can pick and choose various things to eat in one go. This means that we go through a lot of snacks in a general week so we are always on the lookout for different types of snacks that are nice to eat but also a bit healthier than reaching for the biscuit tin or a chocolate bar! I was recently asked if we would like to try Ape Coconut Snacks and as someone who loves coconut, I was really intrigued as to whether my new-found daily snack would involve coconut!

Ape Snacks was founded in 2014 and inspired by the Paleo lifestyle the founder himself leads and also getting the average person to eat better in general. Ape Snacks have created snacks made with coconut that come in either crispy coconut curls or crunchy coconut bites, that are now the UK’s leading coconut snacks made from natural ingredients and suitable for vegans.

The snacks are gluten free, sugar free and high in fibre and have the added health benefits of coconut’s anti-microbial and anti-virus properties! The moreish bitesize pieces of coconut pack as much punch in taste as they do in texture and are low in calorie and even count as one of your 5-a-day so there is no need to worry about piling on the lbs with these tasty treats!

The Ape Curls range includes; Lightly Salted, Slightly Peppered, and Salted Chocolate and the Ape Bites range include; Natural, Chia Seed, and Sesame Seed so there is a good variety for everyone to enjoy!

Ape Coconut Snacks
Ape Coconut Snacks
Ape Coconut Snacks

I love a sweet treat and especially whilst pregnant, I tend to pick snacks I can grab during the day that will give me a small energy boost and also not feel too naughty at the same time! These Ape Coconut Snacks really appealed to me as they are healthier as well as being sweeter.

I have to admit that the coconut is quite a bit stronger than I had imagined so may not suit everyone’s tastes however I cannot deny that they are really tasty! The packs are full of curls or bites and feel like a really decent sized mid-day snack, leaving me feeling like I have actually eaten and not just been given a short-term boost.

My favourite would have to be the Salted Chocolate curls as I’m definitely a chocolate lover and the Natural Bites as they are right up my street. The Ape Coconut Snacks are available now with the curls priced at around 99p and the bites at around £1.49 a bag; they make the perfect addition to a healthy balanced day ahead!

Ape Coconut Snacks

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