One For All Those Struggling Mums

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So it’s not like me to post something so personal as we usually post info and product reviews but I wanted to give you all an insight into the last year or so of life here at home. Not everything is amazing and parenting is bloody hard sometimes!

Here is something I wrote the other night/morning when I was feeling a bit rubbish and is one for all you struggling mums!

I was at my grans today and she commented on what an amazing job I was doing with the girls as she knows how hard it’s been for me since having Lottie. While she was talking, I came out with a phrase automatically that got me thinking. I said ‘well as long as they’re happy!’ And yeah that’s true but that’s the easy part isn’t it?

It’s easy to put a smile on their faces, easy to take them to the park to do a Halloween treasure trail, easy to play a board game for 5 minutes while you’re making their tea.

That’s the easy part.

The hard part is now at 1am when Lottie’s woken up screaming again.

The hardest part is at 2am when she’s finally fallen asleep on me on the sofa and I’m listening to see if she’s asleep enough for me to take her upstairs.

The hardest part is 3am when you have managed to get her into bed but she’s sleeping so lightly that the minute you move a muscle and the floor board creaks she’s awake again.

The hardest part is 4am when she finally asleep enough for you creep out of her room and into your own bed.

The hardest part is remembering that while you think you’re on your own, just on your street alone there are probably at least 3 other parents doing the exact same thing as you tonight, willing their child to sleep just even for an hour.

So yes it is really important that your children are happy and yes it is the ‘main thing’ but we just don’t talk about the difficult times enough as parents do we?!

Written at 4:27am on the 3rd night out of 4 Lotties been awake most of the night.

Ironically she has slept through for the past 3 nights but every single night, we sit downstairs listening out for her to start crying for us. Welcome to the life of struggling mums! It’s bloody hard work!

You can message me or email me anytime you need to, I’m probably awake, don’t suffer on your own!

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