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Our Christmas and New Year’s 2020

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It’s been a very strange year hasn’t it?! I don’t think any of us could have predicted just how 2020 would be did we?! We have spent most of the year inside the house and with Mia off school. Mario now works from home all the time in the office which can be tricky as he’s on calls pretty much all day. Lottie started Preschool in September after no settling in sessions or meet the teacher sessions so that was hard, but she was great and to say she had never been away from me before, went skipping in on the first day and hasn’t looked back since! It’s been a huge relief!

We haven’t got a big family so we hadn’t got massive plans for Christmas, but I have to say I was looking forward to just having a normal couple of days seeing my mum and step dad on boxing day and then my dad, step mum, brother and sister on the 27th. We haven’t seen each other properly since February so I was banking on those 2 days to have a bit of normality. A few days before Christmas, along with the rest of the UK, we learnt that this wasn’t going to be possible! I was really upset at first, but I soon got my head round it and we were actually looking forward then to spending the time not needing to be anywhere or see anyone!

Christmas and New Year’s 2020

On Christmas Eve we let the girls have their Christmas Eve Boxes and they really enjoyed looking at what they had got. Lottie was a bit worried about Santa coming into the house so we had to reassure her a lot that he wouldn’t be coming in, but he would drop her presents outside instead! We didn’t want her up all night worried!

Box of goodie for xmas

On Christmas day itself we had arranged for the girls to keep presents from their grandparents separate ready for a zoom call later on. With my girls being the only grandchildren, everyone wanted to watch them open their presents! We didn’t go overboard on presents as we never do but the girls did get a lot as we were trying to make up for no birthdays parties this year! We had a really lovely day in the end. Mario cooked a fab Christmas dinner, and it was really chilled!

Girls by the Christmas tree - Christmas and New Year’s 2020

New Year’s Eve was the same as always for us. We don’t do much but have a big buffet tea and a glass of prosecco as we watch Jools Holland bring in the new year. It was really lovely, and we finished 2020 really hopeful for the year to come!

Christmas and New Year’s 2020

How was your Christmas and New Year’s 2020?

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