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4 Lockdown Projects to Try

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The UK has gone into another national lockdown, with schools now closed again, and only essential shops open. We are encouraged to work from home if we can’t do otherwise, and we’ll all be spending a lot more time indoors. You might have your hands full with homeschooling and getting work done, or you might find that you have a little more time on your hands to try out some Lockdown Projects. Things are closed and the weather is cold, so what are some things that you could be doing around the home to make changes, rather than sitting and watching more Netflix? Here are some lockdown project ideas for you.


Sort the garden

If you have a garden or outdoor space, then after the autumn, and with winter still in full-swing, it could do with some love. Raking up the dead leaves (that have probably turned to mush), cutting the grass, laying down new lawn from somewhere like The Grass People, to planting some herbs, painting a fence, or just generally sprucing things up a little. You could even start something like a compost in the garden, as a good way to use up your natural food waste.

Try something new

There are so many creatives that are offering lessons of things online; some free, some to pay for. So why not try something new? You could try a new cooking class, try a fitness class online, read a new book, try a new recipe, or take a Spanish class! There are endless options when it comes to trying something new. It could just be the way to spend one hour on one evening, or it could turn into a brand new hobby.

Sort your wardrobe

Although winter is definitely here, and it isn’t time to dig out the summer clothes, you could easily sort out your wardrobe, leaving all of the things that you currently wear. Some items may not fit you anymore. Some items may just put you off and you won’t wear them again. Some items like Christmas jumpers can be packed away until next year. You could sort by colours and by style, or just make your wardrobe more decluttered. It is all good, and will all make a difference if you have some time to spare.

Clean the toys

How often do you currently clean the children’s toys? This can vary from person to person, but I bet there are many of you that could easily do this as a lockdown job. Did you know that hard plastic items, and things like bath toys can be washed in the dishwasher? Soft toys and blankets can be thrown in the washing machine. Other items could be soaked or sprayed with disinfectant spray, something we probably all have plenty of at home.

Although this can be a time to get things done and tick off jobs, it is also a time to rest and relax. If you aren’t ticking off projects at home all week, then that is fine too. Look after yourself and watch your mental health too.

Have you tried any Lockdown Projects?

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