Phuket, Thailand: A Search For Ancient Meaning And Mindfulness

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So many of us feel overwhelmed right now. The Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown has been challenging for everyone. But, for those that already have mental health concerns, it may have pushed them into a deeper, darker place in their minds. That’s why, as soon as the lockdown is lifted in your area or country, you should pack your bags and leave. No, it’s not about running away from your problems, but rather, making some space between your triggers and yourself.

Phuket, Thailand

Looking after yourself is the number one priority right now. This is why so many people will want to go somewhere, where there is ancient meaning and mindfulness. Phuket, Thailand is a great retreat because it has so many Buddist temples, silent spaces overlooking tremendous views, and plenty of opportunities to learn about yourself.


Meditation classes

The Phuket meditation and retreat center is very popular among locals and travellers alike. Meditation is something everyone can do, but not everyone can master. That’s why at this center of meditation, classes are held by local practitioners and they are fit for beginners and advanced meditators. But what is so useful about mediation? Well, you are able to learn how you can slow down your mind, line up your thoughts, tackle them one by one and learn more about why you may feel anxious, sad or lost.

The classes are filled with people who just want to relax, others are trying to find out who they are in life and others want to improve their skill of meditation. The teachers are very friendly and they know the pain you might be feeling inside, so they take their time with you to guide you along.

Chalong temple

This is the most popular temple in Phuket. It’s also the largest and was built right at the beginning of the 19th century. It’s relatively new but it’s so popular because it was made, during what many people believe to be, Thailand’s best era of architecture and culture. The country had begun to find it’s image in a modern world and hence, the temple was made to celebrate it’s heritage. 

At this temple, you will find bright colorful gardens and buildings that are made from ancient stone. It’s very peaceful and calming to be sat within the gardens, listening to the birds singing and enjoying the side of the temple. Many monks come here to pray and meditate, so you can meet some of them and ask them questions about their faith if you’re interested. The surrounding forest is also open to the public, so you can walk on the hike trails and be among the wildlife. The exotic birds and animals are a joy to watch and listen to.

Group base camp

If you’re traveling with a group of friends, or if you have met like-minded people on your trip to find yourself, you should seek out a house for rent in Phuket. Considering that the rent for a 400 square foot house is just $800, you can find people who want to team up and be together for the remainder of their trip and chip in $100-200 each. The homes are spacious and pretty much designed like a modern home so you each have privacy and time to be alone in different rooms. Most of these homes are near the best attractions and sites, so you’re never too far from the action.

Big Buddha

While you’re here, you will want to immerse yourself in the Thai culture. One of their most holiest sites is the Big Buddha. Around this monument, there are lots of cool mindful things going on. Yoga classes are being taught, mindful breathing techniques. The whole monument is used as a place for worship and for learning about who you are. You can sign up and join these classes online or you can just show up and see what you can learn. Many times, the first classes are free and they just want you to see how far you can push yourself. It’s so important to take your time while in Phuket, enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, but also, to pick up the culture and use it to expand your mind. 

Phuket, Thailand is an ancient place where all manner of people is invited. Learn how to meditate and control your thoughts, something that if you suffer from mental health, will be invariably useful. However, you can also do yoga, learn breathing techniques to control anxiety, and meet with people who are in search of themselves just like you.

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