Little green dragon brushing his teeth

Making a Daily Routine Fun with the Playbrush App

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If like me you struggle to get your child to brush their teeth, you will probably have also tried out many different ways to get your child involved! Mia is fine brushing her teeth, but I’m absolutely rubbish at remembering to remind her to actually do them! She has an electric toothbrush but I’m so aware that we need to get better at it! In the past we have tried the Aquafresh app and this worked for some time but got a bit boring so we were on the hunt for something else.

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I was asked if we would like to take a look at the Playbrush and one of the most interesting things I noticed was that not only does it have a fun app, but you actually get the really cool electric toothbrush or manual toothbrush attachment too (depending on your child’s preference)! The Playbrush is different to your usual toothbrush or teeth brushing app. Playbrush is an interactive electric toothbrush that makes dental care smart, fun, and accessible and turns a boring routine into a fun adventure!

Little green dragon brushing his teeth

First off you need to download the app and register to login. This is pretty simple to do but make sure you remember your login (more about this later)! The toothbrush itself has extra soft bristles and 2 brushing modes: normal and sensitive. It connects really quickly and easily to the app via Bluetooth and we’ve had no trouble with connection at all.

Playbrush toothbrush and box

Children use their own toothbrushing movements to play games, paint and make music on the app. The app incentivises movement and encourages children to brush all around their mouth with prompts while there are playing the games. Toothbrushing quality (direction, pressure, speed, duration and surface coverage) is recorded and assessed through each game play with stats available to see on the app. The app will also tell you when the toothbrush head needs replacing which is handy as I always forget!

Score sheet for the tooth game

There are 12 different games for children aged 3+ to play. The games range from painting to shapes, football to battling against monsters! The only issue we found was that some of the games require you to download new apps and are not on the Playbrush app itself. This meant that not only does it clog up my iPhone with numerous apps but each time you download one you need to log in with your Playbrush details. Mia got a bit fed up of waiting for me to do this a few times so it kind of defeated the point of using the app. If all the games were within the Playbrush app, it would be much easier.

Mia's profile on the app

The app has a brushing coach which is really useful to show Mia where she is brushing well and where she needs to improve. Throughout the games, prompts pop up and show her where to focus more on and when she is brushing too quickly. We found that the instructions for the games weren’t easy to spot and although they are on the apps, when Mia was brushing her teeth by herself, she didn’t know where they were so it meant that she perhaps didn’t get the score in the game she should have done.

Set of teeth to show brushing technique

A great part of the app is the brushing stats where I can check when Mia has brushed her teeth, how she’s getting on and see where I can help a bit more with her brushing. Playbrush also have a rewards programme where your child can collect points for their brushing session, and you can use them as credits towards your subscription or paid out via PayPal which is a great incentive for us parents to get those kids brushing!

The Playbrush toothbrush and app have been a great addition to Mia’s morning and evening routine. Whilst it hasn’t been the easiest for her to get to grips with, she is showing improvements in her brushing technique and has really enjoyed the different games. You can get a quarterly (£8.49) or an annual (£12.99) subscription to the app which includes replacement brush heads. I have actually signed us up for the quarterly one to see how we go. There is a free trial month and you can cancel at any time. The prices are different on the app and the website so double check before you sign up. All in all, I have been impressed with Playbrush so I’m looking forward to how Mia gets on with it over the next few months.

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