Preventing Back Ache While Sitting

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Ever since I can remember, I have had back issues. My problems started when I was about 15 or I became more aware of them then, being tall it seems my spine decided it would carry on growing after my body had stopped and it means that my coccyx is always being sat on and has constant pressure on it. Day to-day, this doesn’t affect anything I do however it does pose problems when sitting for long periods time, making the bottom of my back and my legs quite numb after a while. This is also made worse by my seemingly bad circulation and even if I’m knelt down for a matter of moments, my legs go numb and I get really bad pins and needles.

As I have now reached my 30’s, I’m slightly more worried about the effect that another baby and age will have on my back and in an effort to improve my flexibility, I have started to do Yoga and Pilates which helped me a lot back when I was about 15. As well as my fitness and flexibility, I also want to look at ways I can help my back when I’m working at home and sitting down generally. Here is how I’m preventing back ache while sitting…

Adjustamatic Beds Limited have been creating and making adjustable beds and chairs for over 50 years. By using state of the art technology, they can create the perfect bed or chair for your own personal needs. They have been looking at how much time we actually spend sitting down and how this can impact your body and your limbs. They have come up with some tips and tricks we could all use to avoid the dreaded bad back and aching limbs as well as the best techniques for sitting comfortably at home. Now I’m not saying that I need a recliner chair just yet or even a walking aid however I am aware that if I don’t start to do something about things now, I could be making things worse for myself when I’m a lot older and if I can prevent certain things now then I definitely will! Adjustamatic say that it’s very important to find the right chair for you to sit in on a regular basis as we are spending an increasing amount of time in our chairs whether it be to do with work or on a social basis.     

Preventing Back Ache While Sitting

I will definitely be paying more attention to the amount of time I spend sat down and also to the type of chair I’m sitting in. I think the more I practice Yoga and Pilates and the more I stretch my back out, the better it will feel and I’m glad I’m doing something now before it gets any worse. There are some great exercises that we can all practice to ensure good posture and prevent aches and pains. You could do a chest stretch, upper body twist or some hip marching. For more information and to find out more about the types of exercises you could try out, you can download the Adjustamatic – Are you sitting comfortably – eBook (1).

Have you got any tips on preventing back ache while sitting?

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