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We haven’t long moved house and once we had moved all of the furniture and got settled into a new way of doing things and a new way of getting around, our thoughts turned to the type of security our new house has. Our old house had an alarm and what I would call ‘normal’ PVC doors with ‘normal’ locks however our new house, even though it is in a nicer area has a lot more security! This got me thinking as to what security people need generally to keep them and their possessions secure in their own home. We also have a home office and this requires certain security in itself. So what you can you do to improve your Home and Office Security?

Fast Keys are the leading specialists and suppliers for replacement keys, locker keys and locks for office furniture and lockers. With over 20 years’ experience, they are able to cut keys to order and send them out to you first class, to wherever you need them. Using precision key cutting, they only need the numbers from the locks or keys that you need to replace if possible and the manufacturer’s names. This means it’s far easier to get replacement and new keys online as opposed to waiting for a locksmith to come out and fix the problem, see what you need replacing, order the pieces and then come back to fit them! They also supply an extensive range of locks for office furniture which can be really useful when you are keeping your own accounts and they can also replace car keys which is handy if you are good at misplacing them! It’s so difficult when you lose your keys or need to replace them, to get them done quickly and when you need them. I would struggle to know where to start and have never had to call out a locksmith before. That’s why Fast Keys have created a business that can provide precise, reliable replacement keys and locks with a quick turnaround so you can get on with your life!

Home and Office Security

I hadn’t really thought about our home and office security until we moved house. When you see all of your possessions being shipped off to a new house and then you have the mammoth task of unpacking everything again, it makes you consider what would happen if that was ever compromised. You often read about people who have left a window or a door open ready for someone to walk straight in and take your valuables so it’s really important to make sure that you have done whatever you can to prevent that from happening. Make sure all windows are close and locked before going out, all valuables are placed away out of sight through windows and doors, and all doors are securely locked. It seems simple and common sense but you would be surprised as to how many people don’t give security a second thought! We are probably a bit over the top now and Mario and I will often go back to the house a second time to check the windows and doors are closed and locked properly! So make sure you have given some thought to your home and office security and if you need some more security measures in place, check out Fast Keys for all replacement keys and locks.

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