The Problem with Home Offices and How to Tackle Them

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Like many other parent bloggers, I work from home as well as being a stay-at-home mum. We agreed early on that this was what we wanted to do and as my blog has developed over the last 2 years, the time I have when Mia is at Preschool has become the time that I work at home. I try not to work when Mia’s around however with it being the summer holiday at the moment; she knows I have to do some work for around an hour or so throughout each day. I love what I do and she knows that daddy goes out to the office to work and mummy stays at home to work so our house becomes my home offices.

Home Offices

There are a few problems with working from home whilst looking after a 4yr old though. The very fact that I’m at home means there is always other things I can be doing whether it is washing up, putting the washing on or tidying something up, I can always find a million things to do instead of promoting my latest blog post! Then there are the interruptions from knocks on the door as parcels are delivered, phone calls that need taking, or even Mia endlessly asking for help with something or if I can get her yet another snack!

When I first started blogging I was overwhelmed by the amount of work I needed to do and this meant that I was working all night every night, now however I have set tasks I need to do each day which means my times are more set however you can never really ‘switch off’ as there is no one there to close up or give me set limits to work to. This can mean I feel like my work is never done.

Finally I don’t have an actual office or a specific place where I can leave my work to come back to or a space to store things I use to blog regularly which can cause issues when it comes to me coming back to work and needing to keep things out. I also think I would be a bit more work efficient if I had a specific work space to blog from.

Home Offices

I would love the space to create my own little office at home and one way I could do this is by creating a comfortable and professional space where all of my things are laid out just where I want them. We do have an office, it has a fully set up desk but Mario uses it, maybe I’m starting to consider sharing that space with him?

One of the biggest things people tend to miss is using good quality furniture and now I’m pregnant again a good chair with lumbar support & height adjustment is important. Home office chairs from F@W may be the way forward as they have a fantastic range of affordable products from chairs to desks. It’s also useful when space is at a premium to have a desk with built in furniture and again I was very surprised with how many options there were to choose from and they are not as expensive as I thought. Getting your work environment set out just right to ensure you’re as productive as possible is really important and I think Furniture@Work do a fab range of office products. They have also created this really great video showing the Joys of Working Life:

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