5 Facts You Need to Know About Home Made Bread!

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This is a collaborative post.

Anyone following my blog or social media will know how much we love cooking in this house! We try and home cook everything we can and also love baking when we get chance to. It’s really nice to get Mia involved in anything we do in the kitchen and I do think as she gets older, she will become more and more involved. We are very lucky that both Mario and I are good cooks and both really love cooking as this certainly helps. We have also dabbled in Home Made Bread.

We have a bread maker that belonged to my mum and although it isn’t used a massive amount, we do use it occasionally to make some lovely rustic loaves and let’s face it, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh bread around the house?!

There are many good reasons to make your own bread at home and a lot of people don’t due to thinking that you can’t make enough bread to feed a family for a week, it costs far more than buying supermarket bread, or even that it is too time consuming. However there are so many great things about making your own bread and as we as a nation become more in touch with what goes into our food and where our food comes from, making your own bread ensures you know exactly what is in there! You put in the ingredients you want to use without the need for artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Making your own bread is not as time consuming as you may think, with a good bread maker all of the hard work is done for you saving you lots of time! All you need to do is weigh out your ingredients, pop them straight into the bread maker and set the programme according to what type of bread you are making. Our most popular standard white loaf takes around 1hr 45 mins in the bread maker and you literally just leave it to do its ‘thing’ and take out the loaf to cool once it’s baked. The loaf then lasts around 3-4 days in the bread bin and is probably the size of half of a standard shop-bought loaf.

It also cuts down on wasted bread as we don’t have to throw any out that we don’t end up using! It also freezes absolutely fine so you could make 2 loaves in 1 day and have more than enough for the week!

Bread Making
It doesn’t have to be like this anymore!

Our bread maker is fairly old now (it was my mums before she gave it to us) but Panasonic have just launched a brand new range of innovative and stylish bread makers ready to create some delicious loaves from the comfort of your own home! Not only can you bake loaves of bread in the Breadmakers by Panasonic but you can also create artisan, rustic sourdough scones, and much more! You can add fruits and nuts to the bread or scones using the dispensers on the bread makers and there is even a gluten free programme on some models!

We absolutely love making our own bread but have yet to bake some homemade scones or different types of bread so I’m off to go and have a look at what I could bake next for this family of bread lovers!

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