Quick Updates To Make To Your Home This Autumn

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The leaves are turning and the weather is still warm. It can only mean one thing, autumn is knocking at our door. To celebrate the change of the seasons, here are some things to change around the house before the winter chill sets in.

Quick Updates To Make To Your Home
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Finish off those odd jobs

There was a list made in the spring of all of the jobs that you wanted to do around the house over the summer. How far down the list did you get? Probably not as far as you wanted to, but it’s ok. Now is the time to tick off those important jobs that need to be completed before the winter. It doesn’t matter if you need to upcycle your homeware or clear out the gutters. Make those jobs a priority before the weather gets too bad and they can’t be completed for another year.

Wash the bedding

When the winter months roll around, bedtime can get nippy. This is a great time to switch out the bedding to a higher tog count. The tog count of your duvet ranges from 2.5 to 15. Depending on your climate, you will want a lower tog for the summer and a higher tog for the winter. This is something that most people don’t change throughout the year, instead, they stick with a 7.5 tog duvet all year round. Now is time to swap out to a new duvet, but give your current one a wash before you stick it in storage to be used next year. Your skin and your health will thank you for sleeping in fresh bedding.

Prep for the holidays

No matter what your religious or cultural beliefs are, a lot of people celebrate different holidays in December. It might seem like a long way off but December rolls around quickly. Depending on how and what you celebrate, you might need to clear out some storage space for gifts to be hidden, get the house cleaned before the various decorations get popped up, and get the Christmas pudding drunk on brandy. Finishing off odd jobs is one thing, prepping for the holidays is something else entirely.

Update the decor

Nothing signals the beginning of a new season like the decor being changed. They don’t need to be big changes, just little things that scream “it’s autumn time”. Swap out fresh flowers for dried arrangements. Change the scents of your candles from the fruity summer scents to home baking and comfort scent. Adding some oranges and browns to your colour scheme can help get the impression that the autumn weather is creeping inside. You don’t need to grab a paintbrush and paint the house in pumpkin orange but you could do that if you wanted to.

These updates can make a real change in your home. And this is the prime time to get organised and get ready before the seasons do change. Don’t forget to celebrate the changing of the season, especially if this means that your kids can get involved.

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