5 Fun Ways to Add an Autumn Theme to Your Interior this Year

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Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year, so why not incorporate this into your interior design? You could add a simple touch of greenery or autumn-coloured plants. If you’re thinking of redecorating you could even consider an autumnal or natural theme. This way you’ll get to have fun with leafy designs and warm colours that will definitely brighten up the atmosphere of any room. There are also ways you can express the change of seasons without breaking the bank. Here are five fun ways to add an autumn theme to your interior this year.

Bring the outside in

It may be raining outside but you can add a touch of greenery inside by investing in a few of the best indoor plants. You could opt for autumn-coloured flowers and plants with a fresh fragrance. This way, you’ll be able to bring the outdoors in and enjoy it for a little while longer this year. You could also consider a few autumnal accessories such as potpourri or decorative pumpkins and squashes.

Decorate with autumn colours

Autumn is the season with the most fantastic colours. These include warm reds, burnt oranges, and glorious golds. If you’re considering making home improvements, you could incorporate these into your decor. Bright, warm colours will help to lift the mood in any room. You could combine a neutral background with more vibrant feature pieces as well. 

Add a touch of warmth

Now that the cooler weather is around the corner, prepare to wrap up warm inside. You could add a few throws, blankets, and a mix of textures. For a more permanent solution, you could even upgrade your home’s insulation. Brands such as Kingspan offer a range of options. By ensuring your home is properly insulated you’ll be able to turn down the heating and save money on your gas bill.

Experiment with leafy natural designs

Autumn designs tend to be nature based and fallen leaves are a major theme. You could upgrade your furnishings with a fabric with an autumn leaf design, for example. You could even look into nature-themed original artwork or create your own pieces. This will definitely brighten up the place. If you don’t want to go full autumnal you could stick to a more neutral natural theme with leafy or floral designs and recycled wood accessories. This will be more versatile and create a calming atmosphere all year round.

Relax with aromatherapy

Autumn is a treat for all the senses and there are plenty of wonderful aromas in the air at this time of year. You could enjoy these indoors as well by adding essential oil blends for autumn to a diffuser or getting a few candles. Aromatherapy is a great way to destress and relax in the evenings. Warm scents of autumn will definitely help you wind down after a hard day’s work. Why not get creative and think of a few more ways you can incorporate an autumn theme into your interior design this year?

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