Saving Space in a smaller Bedroom: 6 Top Tips

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Having a small bedroom can be a real challenge. It can be difficult to know how to make the best use of the space while ensuring that you have a pleasant and relaxing place to get rest. It can be helpful to come up with ideas on how to maximise your use of the space available. Multi-purpose furniture can be a great way to do this.

It is a good idea to consider all areas of your bedroom and plan where to store things and what kind of furniture to invest in. Read on for some of our top tips on how to save space in a small bedroom.

Saving Space In A Smaller Bedroom

Build Storage Around The Bed

Building storage around your bed can help you maximise on space. If you do it right, you can eliminate the need for a bedside table, giving you plenty of extra space. You could even get lamps set onto the walls to reduce the need for bedside tables even more. 

You could choose a pre-built bed frame with storage included or look into getting one made to fit the exact measurements of your bedroom. It is best to avoid making the storage too large as it may make the room feel cramped or crowded. 

Use Mirrors To Create The Appearance Of Extra Space

Mirrors can be a great way to give the illusion that your bedroom is larger than it is. In addition, no bedroom feels complete without a mirror to use to get dressed and put on makeup for the day ahead. You could choose a dramatic full-length mirror or something smaller and subtler to hang on the wall. 

Choose A Wardrobe With Sliding Doors

A sliding door wardrobe can be the perfect choice for a petite bedroom. You won’t have to worry about having enough space for door clearance in your bedroom with a sliding door wardrobe. You could consider investing in one that comes with its own door mirror to save space on the floor that could have been taken up with a freestanding mirror. You can find an incredible range of sliding wardrobes that offer the best in style and functionality from FURCO. 

Saving Space In A Smaller Bedroom

Invest In Multifunctional Furniture

Before buying any furniture for your smaller bedroom, ensure that you are making the right choice. So much furniture nowadays is multifunctional, which can be invaluable for your bedroom. You should look for furnishings that double as storage, like a bed with built-in drawers or an ottoman bench that offers a place to sit and storage in one. 

Use The Vertical Space

Many people neglect vertical space when coming up with space-saving solutions. Adding a few shelves or hooks for items on the walls can be a great way to save on space, so you should look into your options. It’s best not to put too much on the walls to avoid making the space feel cluttered. 

Get A Fold-Away Bed

A fold-away bed could be a great solution to your storage problems. You could look at getting a high-quality sofa bed or even a bed that folds up against the wall of your bedroom. This can be a great way to get a lot more space in your room.

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