3 Tips for Selecting a Good Health and Safety Attorney in the UK

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As a business owner, you are required by the law to take the necessary actions that will help protect the health and safety of your employees and anyone affected by your company’s operations. Finding a competent specialist attorney for your business will not only ensure that your organisation is legally compliant but it will also help increase the overall productivity by improving your employees’ attendance and work performance.

Health and Safety

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable lawyer in the UK, then you should consider Ellis Whittam legal services. With a proven track record on employment law, human resources, and health and safety services to UK employees, you can always expect Ellis Whittam to provide your legal needs without you worrying about excessive charging by the hour and small prints. (Visit for more information.) To help you get the best legal support for your employment needs, read these 3 useful tips to selecting a good health and safety attorney in the UK.

Evaluate attorneys based on their experience.

When making a list of qualified health and safety attorneys for your business, make sure that you always take into account their work experience and track record. Hiring a lawyer who is equipped with the proper knowledge and who knows the best solutions based on his or her past cases can definitely have an impact on whether your claim will fail or succeed in the future. Choose a lawyer who knows not only the United Kingdom’s labour law but also the local employment guidelines set specifically in your business area. Before hiring a lawyer, ask them about similar cases that they have handled before and the overall success rate of those. Do not take your chances on less experienced and faulty health and safety lawyers.

Know more about their field of expertise.

Avoid entrusting your health and safety needs to tax and real estate lawyers no matter how little they charge you for their services. The right lawyer has the right skills to conduct a general risk assessment for your company and to manage health and safety policies, staff handbook, and action plans. Keep your systems, equipment, and facilities in good working condition with the help of audits, inspection, and testing services while improving the morale, attendance, and performance of your employees through occupational health services.

Opt for fixed fee health and safety support.

Stop wasting your money on expensive by the hour service charges and opt for fixed fee health and safety support instead. Get a health and safety legal service that can be tailored based on your organisation’s budget and according to what you only require. A health and safety lawyer can act as the legally required competent person. Other services that you may benefit from include the following: a health and safety consultant that will act as the point of contact, an on-site general risk assessment, an online resource support for all your documents and other practical guides, emergency assistance, legal expense insurance, drafting and implementation of action plan, policies, handbook, and much more.

If you, like me, run any kind of business it is well worth finding out more about how an attorney can be beneficial to you and your business so that you can protect yourself from anything that may go wrong and you can be kept up to date on current law practices.

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