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Six Easy Solutions When Your Home Is Cold!

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There is nothing as uncomfortable as dealing with a cold house when you just want to be warm. Even in the middle of the summer, the house can get colder when the sun goes down and the temperature drops. We may be in the middle of August, but there are only three weeks until the beginning of Autumn, and it will help you to know how to fix it when your home is cold.

You might have the best Inset electric fires throughout the house ready to go, and those are super cosy for the winter time. However, you might not want to turn the heating on every time you feel cold: heat is money! So, let’s check out some easy solutions to warm your house when things get a little chilly indoors.

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  1. Switch Fan Direction. Did you know that those ceiling fans you love in the summer to cool the house can also warm it? All you have to do is set it to move the opposite way. Hot air rises up and cold air sinks down, so when you turn the fan the other way, the cold air is coming up and not down. It’s all science!
  2. Get A Little Book Smart. Did you know that books make for excellent objects to insulate your house? If you stack your books properly against exterior walls, you are literally building a barrier for the cold to stay out of your house. Like a book fort, if you will.
  3. Draw Your Curtains Closed. It’s great to have the curtains hanging in every room, but if you leave them sitting open all day long, you’re going to see the heat escape. Draw the curtains closed and you can stop the cold from coming into the house. If your house faces the sun, leave them open while the sun streams in. Otherwise, shut them until the sun is back the next day.
  4. Exclude The Drafts. Doors let in as many drafts as you have doors in the home. Use videos like this to make door noodles to keep the heat out and make sure that you double up on the insulation for the external doors.
  5. Optimise Your Furniture. Did you know that the furniture that you have in the house can help your home to stay warm? Don’t have the seats in the rooms near the windows and doors that are drafty; it’ll make you colder! Move your couches to the interior wall spaces and you’ll feel warmer.
  6. Open The Vents. Closing your vents to keep the heat in doesn’t work. You need them open so that the heat can move efficiently throughout your home. If the vents are shut, you’re going to have a sluggish system that’ll cost you more money to replace than it would to heat the house!

You deserve to feel comfortable in your home, which means feeling warm and not freezing your toes off when you want to relax. Take time and make your house cold-weather ready!

What kinds of things do you do when your home is cold?

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