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My Top 3 Books to Read this Summer!

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My favourite way to relax is to sit and read, I got good at reading before bed while Mario was working away but now he is home a little more, it has slipped! Last month I wrote about my favourite childhood books so this month I have put together a little wish list of books I already own that I want to try and read this Summer!

I love reading and it’s my aim this month to get a couple of books finished that I started about a year ago! I don’t know about you but self-care and spending time doing something I love takes a back seat on a day-to-day basis! It’s really important to make sure we all take 10 minutes a day to do something that makes us happy and gives us chance to relax!

1. Thirteen – Steve Cavanagh

My brother bought me this for my birthday back in October and my dad has read this so I’m looking forward to starting it. They have both told me it’s really really good and their book choices are usually pretty spot on! It’s a bit different than my usual genre as it’s a thriller but it’s nice to have a change sometimes! I hadn’t heard of this book before being bought it and hadn’t heard of the author, but I have already put together a wish list of his other books!

Book cover for Thirteen

2. Cecelia Ahern books

I have literally every single book written by this lady and am rarely disappointed! (There are a couple of weird ones in her collection!) I find her writing style really easy to read and follow. I get so invested in the characters and can’t put them down when I start them! At the time of writing this, I have pre-ordered her new book Postscript and I’m so excited to start it when it comes out as it’s the sequel to PS, I Love You which is my all-time favourite of her books!

Book Cover for Postscripts

3. Blogs Change Lives – Aby Moore

This is the first book by one of my favourite bloggers Aby Moore! I started it last year and she even signed it for me at the Blog On Conference I went ti last year! I have very slowly made my way through it and it’s really useful for anyone wanting to get into blogging. Not only is it about how Aby got started as a blogger herself but has so much value in terms of how to start your own blog, and how to grow your blog and business. It took me a while to digest it all and I still go back to certain parts now!

Book Cover for Blogs Change Lives

So, that’s my top 3 books to read this Summer but if you’re looking for what to watch this Summer, head over to Book Hugger who has some great ideas!

What are you reading this Summer?


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