Struggling with Back Pain in Pregnancy

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Since I was around 15 years old, I have had minor problems with my back. If I sit for too long or in the same place for too long, my lower back and pelvis seize up and it takes a bit of moving around for the feeling to come back properly. It’s something I have had investigated in the past but as I get older, is something I have just learned to live with a bit more.

When I was pregnant with Mia, my back held up quite well and I didn’t struggle as much as I thought I would do however it was still there and it’s something I didn’t end up doing anything about as it did eventually pass.

When I was 25 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby Lottie, I started to have the same issues again as well as muscle pain down my right side as my tummy muscles stretched and got ready for impending labour!

I had yet to decide what to do about my back pain in pregnancy when I was asked if I would like to try out the Deep Freeze gel and patches currently available to ease and help with back pain. Deep Freeze is not a well-known product to me however I have used heat in the past to ease aches and pains so I was really interested to see how the cold would work instead and I do not tend to take tablets regardless of being pregnant, so the drug-free option is really appealing to me.

Back Pain in Pregnancy

Deep Freeze have created a range of products designed to give effective pain relief without the need for pills. They are the UK’s No.1 selling Freeze brand and are suitable for sprains, strains, muscle and joint pain, providing the benefits of pain relief combined with cold therapy.

As many as 98% of women have been found to suffer with back pain and muscle pain during some stage of their pregnancy and so Deep Freeze can be used to bring quick relief to these symptoms and aid back pain in pregnancy. Their products are scientifically proven to provide cooling relief with a soothing sensation on application, which helps to alleviate pain quickly and effectively to the affected area.

Back Pain in Pregnancy
Back Pain in Pregnancy

Back Pain in Pregnancy

I used the Deep Freeze gel and patches for the rest of my pregnancy and can honestly say that although I was a little sceptical about putting something cold onto my skin when I had muscle ache, my aches were alleviated quickly and I was able to go about my day as normal!

It takes a moment to apply the Pain Relief Cold Gel and isn’t sticky or runny which I thought it might be. It goes on easily and dries almost immediately so makes no mess at all and the fact you can reapply the gel up to 4 times a day, means that I can get relief from aches whenever I need it. Available for around £2, the gel is an affordable way to manage aches and pains.

Next I tried out the Pain Relief Cold Patches which are applied straight onto the affected areas and left there for up to 3 hours. Priced at around £6, they are the pricier option of the 2 but I found that these were great for the evening when sat watching tv as I could pop one onto my back and leave it there for a while.

I will definitely be continuing to use both of these Deep Freeze products as they effectively provided targeted relief to my muscles and back when I used them. I think I prefer them to the heat products I have used previously. I really liked the products and would recommend them for any kind of aches and pains, pregnancy related or otherwise.

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