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Perfect Tech Gifts for Your Other Half This Christmas

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The man in your life can often be a royal pain to buy for. Not only does he often take it upon himself to buy his own gifts (without informing you), but when he does tell you what he actually wants for Christmas, he’ll often be so cryptic that you might as well not have bothered asking. A good piece of shiny new technology, however, will always bring a smile to his face. So what are the best tech gifts to buy this year?

Tech Gifts


Men of a certain age will have grown up slaying Bowser to rescue Princess Peach and knocking seven shades of metal our of Dr Robotnik. Today, gaming is seen as a slightly more mature pastime, with games such as Red Dead Redemption lending a legitimacy to the culture that has allowed men in their thirties, forties and beyond to carry on gaming. A new games console (Nintendo Switch and PS4 are the two most popular current consoles) is a wonderful way to keep him indoors entertained throughout the Christmas period.

Playstation controller in white


Men don’t like to spend their time grooming. For most husbands, grooming is a necessary evil that can be made slightly less painful if they get to use a shiny new gadget in order to sculpt their beards and their bodies. Grooming product gifts (from electric shavers to fitness gear) might not make his eyes light up on Christmas Day morning, but it’s a gift that will pay dividends in the long run. Trust us!

Man shaving his face with a razor


We all like to turn off the outside world every once in a while and our other halves are no different. Consider gifting them a pair of beats headphones this year and whether they are into Beethoven or the Beastie Boys, the extra bass response and comfortable fit mean they will be nodding along appreciatively long into the new year. If you both like to enjoy the same tunes every once in a while, meanwhile, consider perhaps a pair of top-tier Bose speakers and a new turntable? Because we all know that vinyl has made an astonishing comeback in recent years.

Black headphones laying on their side

Smart Watches

A classic gift for a reason. There can’t be more perfect Christmas gifts for husbands than a brand new watch. Smart watches such as the Apple Watch have changed the game in recent years too. Indeed, many modern smartwatches are almost as flexible and as powerful as their smartphone counterparts. For the more active men if your life, meanwhile, consider a more affordable FitBit, which offers similar functionality to a smartwatch, only with a greater emphasis on measuring and tracking fitness goals.

Tech Gifts - Black smart watch with analogue clock display

Smart Homes

The ‘Internet Of Things’ functionality now built into systems such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, mean that, with the right smart home gifts, your husband could potentially control your entire home with the sound of his voice. From knocking the thermostat up a few notches to reminding him to take the pizza out of the oven, there’s no limit to what these technological marvels can achieve. Of course, whilst giving him that kind of power might appear daunting, remember that it can also understand your demands too!

Tech Gifts - Coral Google Home Assistant

What tech gifts will you be buying for your other half?

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