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Three Of The Best Pets For Kids

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Best Pets For Kids

Getting a pet is a big responsibility. Your children may be making promises about how much work they will put in now, but we all know that this can quickly change. Even the most low-maintenance animals still need some degree of care, and so it is essential that you do your research so as not to end up with a pet that you don’t have the time to take care of. If you’re sure that now is the right time to get your kids their first pet, then here are three of the best pets for kids that you may want to consider. 

A cat 

Not only are they adorable as kittens and great fun for your kids to play with, but cats are also exceptionally low maintenance. Unlike dogs, you don’t need to walk them on a daily basis and they largely look after themselves. You won’t need to worry about a mess in your house as cats can take themselves out to the toilet if you install a cat-flap or they will use an indoor litter tray if one is provided. Although grooming your cat can be a great bonding experience, if you don’t want to have to do it regularly, then opt for a cat with a short coat as this will moult naturally and the cat will be able to keep itself free from tangles and mats. If getting a kitten sounds like a little too much for you to handle, then consider adopting an adult cat from a shelter as it will be a lot calmer and will require less entertainment. 

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs make great children’s pets because they are social, good-natured and easy to care for. Technically a member of the rodent family, guinea pigs are easier to care for than rats or mice and are better for small children because they are less likely to bite and are easier to cuddle. You can house your new guinea pigs inside or outside, just make sure that you keep two together so that they can keep each other company when they’re not out and about and being played with. Kids love giving their guinea pigs treats and watching them play with their toys –  you can find a range of guinea pig accessories at

A fish

Not all fish make good first pets, some are very high maintenance. Avoid all saltwater fish as they require a lot of upkeep, and steer clear of anything tropical too if you don’t want to be messing around with heaters. If you’re looking for an easy fish to care for, then a Zebrafish, Tetra or Goldfish are your best bet as they will live comfortably in most tanks and require basic filtration systems. Kids will love watching their fish swim around and can learn feeding responsibilities before moving onto a more demanding pet. 

Do you have any of these best pets for kids?

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