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The 3 Best Getaways For Family Bonding

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It’s okay to admit it. 2020 has put us all through the wringer. Even those of us who’ve been lucky enough to steer clear of the COVID-19 virus itself have no doubt felt its effects on society and the economy in different ways.

Many of us will have lost income, opportunities or even our jobs. Many of us will have had to adjust to the mixed blessings of working from home (which can certainly boost productivity but also lead to increased anxiety and frustration when our homes and our workplaces are under the same roof. We’re also likely experiencing our fair share of cabin fever.

Even though lockdown restrictions have been relaxed in many areas, those of us in high-risk towns and cities will have spent way more time indoors than they expected to in 2020. And when the whole family is cloistered into a small space for long periods of time, it’s only natural that you might yearn for the chance to get away. 

Getaways For Family Bonding!
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Now is the chance to put some distance between yourself and your problems and relax in new surroundings. To immerse yourself in new sights and sounds, new smells and tastes. And with travel restrictions lifted and international holidays a real possibility, it may be time to plan a winter getaway that helps the whole family to relax and unwind together and put a positive spin on the end of the year. Let’s take a look at some great family bonding getaways…  


There are a number of reasons why a skiing holiday might be just what the doctor ordered to tie off 2020. First of all, it affords the whole family lots of fresh air and access to spectacular scenery. Not to mention the awesome apres ski, especially if you’re staying at an awesome chalet like Chalet Neve in Meribel. There’s plenty of opportunity for laughter, exhilaration and merriment, especially when Dad keeps falling over to the delight of the little ones.  


Camping holidays are seriously underrated and the perfect antidote to 2020. They afford you plenty of access to fresh air, gorgeous scenery and exercise. And this trio can be a real tonic for the stress, anxiety and sadness that have come to characterise this year. What’s more, it’s easy to socially distance and highly affordable. You don’t even need to leave the country to find a memorable camping experience. You might just be astonished by what you find on your own doorstep. 


Finally, want all the benefits of a camping holiday without having to stay in a tent? How about staying in a BnB and going on a hiking trip around the lakes or the peak district? You might even be able to bring your pets with you. Hiking is a great activity for burning calories, working up a sweat and flooding the brain with natural feel-good chemicals. And what could be more satisfying than stopping by at a country pup for a satisfying meal while you relax for a while and fuel your bodies for the return journey?

The combination of the great outdoors, physical activity and togetherness with the people you love most are all you need for a wonderful family getaway.

Have you got any ideas for getaways for family bonding?

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