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Top Tips For A Room That Is Perfect For Adults

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We all hit that point, don’t we? We look around and it suddenly bashes us in the face that we are actual grown-ups, with careers, families, and homes. That tatty Trainspotting poster from your student days hanging up in your bedroom no longer quite fits in with your grown-up lifestyle and that patched up sofa that your friend gave you when you first moved in looks completely out of place.

Thankfully, updating your home doesn’t have to be boring or expensive. Here, we look at some things that you can do to bring your home up to date with your grown-up life.

Room That Is Perfect For Adults
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Invest in some quality furniture

This is likely to be one of the biggest expenses, but choose wisely and you will have furniture that never goes out of fashion and grows up with you. While mass-produced cheap furniture is easy to get hold of and doesn’t cost a fortune, it does not last. Instead, buy fewer pieces but better quality – perhaps bespoke pieces if necessary. Don’t discount hunting through second-hand and charity stores for unusual pieces too – you might come across something really special. Find out how to tell if your furniture is antique – it certainly is one way to create a grown-up yet quirky look.

Switch out the posters for art

Okay, so to some people, the posters are art, but if they are dog-eared and stuck up with blu-tac or sticky tape, they are going to turn your classy grown-up pad into student digs. Either look for ones that can be framed if you want an iconic look, or choose some great pieces of art. The superb thing about art is that it is so personal and a great way to get your personality and individuality in a room while keeping it looking sophisticated.

Dump the junk

Okay, you might be proud of that massive collection of gin bottles, but are they really what you want on display in your living room when your colleagues come over for dinner? That pile of comics might be worth a pretty penny, but piled up on the coffee table – is that the look you want in your adult house? Put them in the attic, hide them in cute boxes and tubs, or take them to the tip – but put them out of sight. It also has the added benefit of being one less thing to dust around!

Plant life

It is like a rite of passage – as you get older, you start to take an interest in plants. Filling your space with green plants is a sure sign that you have made the transition to adulthood, so go ahead and buy them all. Not only do they look great – and are relatively easy to look after, but they fill the room with more oxygen and remove the carbon dioxide, making it a healthier place to be as well.

Making your space feel more grown-up and creating a room that is perfect for adults does not have to be boring or expensive. A few pieces of quality furniture and a few tweaks here and there and you will have a room to be proud of.

How could you create a Room That Is Perfect For Adults in your house?

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