New House Wish List

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As a lot of you probably know, we moved house about 2 months ago now and although we were lucky enough to bring most of our previously rented house’s furniture with us, we wanted to make our new house even more special and decorate the rooms a bit more to our taste, especially since it’s been about 5 years since we bought any furniture! So I have put together a very special New House Wish List for our lovely new house!

The kitchen is the most important room in the house for me as it really is the hub of the house. We love cooking and spend a lot of time having a good chat over a sizzling curry or a delicious pizza! I really want matching cutlery and tableware as ours are quite old now and don’t look in as good condition as they probably should do. Now we have a beautiful kitchen, we have a few dinner parties ‘booked in’ so it would be great to have some lovely pieces to use. I like plain and simple patterns so these would look stunning on our kitchen table!

The Living Room is where I spend most of my evenings catching up on a bit of telly and usually eating dinner. We seem to go through sofa cushions like I don’t know what and we are desperate for some new ones yet again! I love browns and greys as we have dark brown leather sofas so these would look perfect!


Upstairs is where I probably spend the least time, apart from putting Mia to bed and getting myself in at the end of the day so I was never really bothered about our soft furnishings before however now I want to make sure that the look we have going on downstairs matches upstairs so in the bedrooms we could do with some pretty duvet covers to go with the purple theme in our room and I have always wanted a blanket box to sit at the end of the bed!

New House Wish List

Finally, the bathroom is an important but often forgotten room in the house. It’s not particularly relaxing as it’s somewhere I’m normally grabbing a quick shower or frantically brushing my teeth in order to get Mia out to Preschool on time! However I’m trying to get better in the mornings and I can still appreciate that our towels have seen better days and our bath mats could do with a bit of updating!

New House Wish List

So that’s it! My new house wish list so now all there is left to do is get on with the ordering!

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