Truewhite Teeth Whitening System

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As I approach my mid-30’s, I’m becoming even more interested in my appearance and part of that is to do with my teeth.  Bar a few fillings from my teenage years, I have always had ‘good’ teeth and it was only whilst pregnant that I developed swollen, sensitive gums which have only just healed 3 years later. Because of this, I’m becoming more conscious of how my teeth look and I want to keep them as nice and white as they are now. When the opportunity to try out a teeth whitening kit came about, I was interested to see if the at home kit would be useful to me.

True Company is a worldwide oral and skin care company who manufacture and produce in-house brands. A team of highly skilled designers with over 30 years’ experience produce innovative products such as teeth whitening and light therapy systems. The Truewhite Teeth Whitening System for 2 people, attacks the dull discolourations on your teeth and then begins teeth whitening using a specifically tailored dental grade whitening gel. Combined with the LED light, it creates lovely bright white teeth. The good thing about the System is that all teeth are whitened simultaneously due to the designed applicator that covers all areas of the teeth.

TrueWhite Teeth Whitening

The System uses enamel-free ingredients and is peroxide-free. All products are free of gluten, fluoride and alcohol. It boasts pain-free and sensitivity free teeth whitening. The System has everything you need to complete you’re at home teeth whitening and includes 2 syringes of whitening gel, 2 sets of mouth trays and an LED accelerator light.

TrueWhite Teeth Whitening

On first opening, I must say I was a bit scared of actually using it as it seemed there was a lot I could get wrong! However once I read through the instructions I realised that it’s a really simple process. The instructions are really clear and explain under what circumstances it is advised not to use the System so you need to read through them beforehand. To achieve maximum results you should repeat the treatment 3 times on consecutive days if possible. The instructions are as follows:

1. Dip 1 tray for 5 seconds into ‘just boiled’ water

2. Insert into your mouth and bite down for 30 seconds so your teeth leave indentations on the mouth tray. Repeat with lower mouth tray

3. Place less than 0.5ml of gel into each tooth indentation on the mouth trays (measurements are on the syringes!)

4. Insert mouth trays into the mouth and set firmly against your teeth for 12-15 minutes. (Optional) keep the LED light between the trays and inside of your lips during the application

5. Repeat once more

TrueWhite Teeth Whitening

The Truewhite Teeth Whitening System can be used for front line teeth whitening or touch ups and works after just 1 treatment. Each kit comes with 20-25 treatments so you can whiten your teeth a fair few times with the one kit! The process does not take very long, around 20 minutes and so could be used for special occasions or nights out as well as to keep your teeth whiter on a daily basis.  I found applying the gel to the mouth trays a little fiddly but with practice it gets easier! The fact it’s a ‘couples’ kit is really handy as the price of £152.43 seems better to swallow if it’s not just for 1! Saying that, the System is far cheaper than getting a teeth whitening treatment at your dentists and it’s not too much to put me off having a go at it myself. A great at home kit and I’m really pleased with the results so far!

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